From smart hairbrushes to techy gluten testers, it’s pretty safe to say that all the amazing tech at CES this year has gotten us in the mood for all things innovation. That’s why as soon as we got home, we scoured through Kickstarter and Indiegogo for even more cool entrepreneurial products… hey it’s not an addiction if it’s good for you, right? Here are seven new crowdfunds that caught our eye this week.


1. Sento Towel: In case you weren’t aware, not all towels are created equally. This meticulously designed towel made with Japanese craftsmanship is beautiful AND functional. It’s absorbent, luxurious and odor resistant… basically, it’s just the adulting investment you need when you *finally* decide to stop showering with beach towels.


2. Nurugo SmartUV: A 2017 CES Innovation Award nominee, this smartphone attachment lets you see what your skin really looks like by capturing images of yourself in the invisible UV spectrum.

3. TUCK by Koli: Every lady (and bro) with long hair knows the struggle of cutting off your circulation via a tight hairband. This adorable new gold or silver bangle covers your hairband completely, leaving your wrist pain-free and stylish.


4. The 48 Hour Switch: While being able to switch between a backpack, messenger bag and briefcase isn’t new — this leather option is undeniably chic. Its excellent craftsmanship will look sleek on the street, in the office and during your commute.

5. Evie Blender: If you love beauty blenders but are annoyed at how expensive they are (and how easily they need to be replaced), take a look at this innovative dupe. Made out of hypoallergenic silicone, it doesn’t absorb makeup, cleans easily, doesn’t stain and lasts for a year or more.


6. ZERA Food Recycler: Go ahead — get green in 2017. The Zera Food Recycler reduces food waste by over two-thirds. Within 24 hours you have ready-to-use fertilizer that you can spread over your lawn, plants or garden. Yep, it really is that simple.


7. Steadicam Volt Smartphone Stabilizer: Smartphone tech has come ridiculously far in the past five years — so much so that you can practically film a full-length movie using just your iPhone. This newest addition to the Steadicam family allows you to capture moments more professionally on your smartphone without annoying camera shake. Cannes Film Festival, here we come!

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(Featured photo via TUCK by Koli)