Was it the promise of Lisa Frank and Fraggle Rock that brought you here? Or the unbelievably awesome Carlton sweatshirt? Whatever it was, we鈥檙e glad you鈥檙e here. It鈥檚 time to dive deep into the rabbit hole of the 鈥90s, from Ren & Stimpy to Nirvana to Ice Cube 鈥 with lots of pizza parties in between. Now, cue up this awesome 鈥90s playlist and let鈥檚 do this thing!

1. Ripple Junction Saved by the Bell聽Jesse Spano I鈥檓 So Excited Shirt ($18): We鈥檒l kick it off with a classic. This awesome t-shirt depicts that pierced-into-our-memories scene from Saved by the Bell, when overachiever Jesse Spano took caffeine pills in order to study for the SATs, get into Stanford, and produce a music video all at the same time. #imsoscared

2. ByScatterbrain Clueless聽Pin ($10+): Wow. Way harsh. More Clueless goodness here.

3. Busted Tees 鈥90s Heartthrob Tee ($25): A guy that can transition smoothly from 鈥80s to 鈥90s heartthrob will make us swoon every time.

4. Redbubble Fraggle Rock聽T-Shirt ($20): Dance your cares away; work is for another day!

5. Etsy Vintage聽Police and Doctor Treasure Troll Dolls ($4 and $12): Confession: I still have a plastic box filled with trolls that I collected in the 鈥90s. (Related: This will not be the only weird thing you learn about me in this roundup.)

6. Moss Copenhagen 鈥90s Child T-Shirt Dress ($41): Imagine how cool you鈥檒l look to the other kids at the skate park.

7. Goosebumps #57: My Best Friend Is Invisible by R.L. Stine ($1+): Get your face close to your screen for this one, and look at the expression on that cat鈥檚 face!

8. Redbubble Lisa Frank iPhone Cases ($25+): Gotta give props to our girl Lisa.

9. Dr. Martens 1460 Boots ($135): We鈥檙e on the fence about the whole Dr. Martens being back in style thing, but I鈥檓 pretty psyched I never got rid of my purple patent leather boots. Air wair for life!

10. Urban Outfitters聽Space Jam聽Dye Tee ($28): Until seeing this amazing t-shirt, we had totally forgotten about Bugs and the other 鈥榯oons and their famous intergalactic basketball game.

11. Sweet Valley Twins, No. 1: Best Friends ($3+): Remember Sweet Valley? Before it was a TV show and got all weird and scandalous?

12. Redbubble Smiley Face Leggings ($44): Boom. The first smiley face on this list. Rock these leggings any day that needs a little sunshine.

13. City Hunter聽Fresh Prince of Bel-Air聽5 Panel Bike Hat ($11): Now this is a story about the best hat ever.

14. Paper Jam Press Posters ($30+): All of the prints on Paper Jam Press are pretty much鈥 our jam!

15. Nerd Fuel Super Street Fighter II Mug ($16+): Get ready to kick butt all day when you make your morning coffee in this mug.

16. Vans Old Skool Yin Yang Sneakers ($46): Only the coolest kids came to class in Vans sneakers. These are a nice throwback with the Yin Yang emblazoned on them.

17. The Turtle Names聽Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles聽Shirt ($12+): Celebrate your Turtle Power!

18. Saved by the Bell聽Turn Up the AC Shirt ($23): Brit totally has this t-shirt and rocked it in our DIY video on how to bring back the 鈥90s catch and toss. #nerfhack

19. Daniel Devoy聽Fresh Prince of Bel-Air聽Print ($86): This minimalist take on the best TV theme song would look right at home here at Brit HQ. For more 鈥90s wall art, head here.

20. millypins Snack Pack Pin Pack ($17): The best part about coming home from school was to indulge in all the snacks your mom didn鈥檛 approve of you eating.

21. Rudeshop聽Ren & Stimpy聽Tee ($22): Quieeeet you iiiiiidiottttt!

22. Nirvana聽Nevermind聽LP ($25): For folks who like to keep it classic, give this collector鈥檚 edition version of a truly iconic 鈥90s album.

23. Redbubble Unisex聽YO! MTV Raps聽T-Shirt ($20): Celebrate the show that brought rap into the mainstream.

24. Clarissa Explains It All聽on Amazon Instant Video ($2 per episode): Best discovery while curating this roundup? Finding out that Clarissa Explains It All is on Amazon instant.

25. Urban Outfitters Vintage Plaid A-Line Skirt ($49): Guaranteed, you鈥檒l feel more stylish than Cher Horowitz. As if!

26. Fifty Fashion Looks That Changed the 1990s by Paula Reed ($20): Take a walk down memory lane with this glossy fashion book.

27. Let鈥檚 Paint the 鈥90s! by Jason Rekulak ($13): We needed to order this book like鈥 yesterday! Color in Vanilla Ice, the Olsen Twins, Dennis Rodman, and other favorites from the 鈥90s.

28. Rokoko Flared Sleeve Mini Dress With Yin Yang Motif ($42): You鈥檒l be the most balanced and peaceful person walking down the street in this dress.

29. The Baby-Sitters Club #1: Kristy鈥檚 Great Idea by Ann M. Martin ($4+): Kristy is never short on great ideas; let鈥檚 be real.

30. Urban Outfitters Whatever Forever Striped Crew-Neck Sweater ($59): It鈥檚 every 90鈥檚 kids鈥 favorite catchphrase 鈥 aside from 鈥渢alk to the hand.鈥

31. Pressman聽The Oregon Trail聽Board Game ($15): Yes, you can bring your party all the way to the wild west, and you don鈥檛 even need an old PC from your school library to do it.

32. Pretty Penny Prints Ugh! As If! Print ($18+): Cher is not impressed.

33. Lip Smackers Dr. Pepper Trio ($5): Need. These. Now.

34. Sakura 10-Piece Gelly Roll Metallic Gel Pen Set ($15): These babies were essential for diaries and passing secret class notes.

35. famedazed Donna Martin Graduates T-Shirt ($19+): You had to wait an extra season or two, but it did finally happen. And now old Donna is crafting her little heart out on the web, TV, and in her book.

36. The 1990s Coloring Book by James Grange ($8+): I totally gave this coloring book to Brit for her birthday. The old tech gadgets are our favorite part.

37. Urban Outfitters Cropped Velvet Tee ($34): More crop tops yo! This one has the added bonus of being made of velvet.

38. Caboodles On-the-Go-Girl Cosmetic Case ($13): Technically, Caboodles gained popularity at first in the 鈥80s. But, most 鈥90s girls had at least one of those.

39. Spencer鈥檚 Bayside Tigers Off-the-Shoulder Sweatshirt ($35): Gooooo Tigers!

40. NBC Store Central Perk Mug ($20): One word for you: Gunther.

41. Jack Wills Jersey Skater Dress in Check ($95): The only thing that would make this dress more 鈥90s would be if the velvet was crushed.

42. Redbubble Carlton Pullover Sweatshirt ($38): I may have just made this sweatshirt my desktop background.

43. Nickelodeon聽Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles聽Mini Glass Set聽(4 for $19): Party like the original partying turtles with these cheeky shot glasses.

44. Boy Meets World: The Complete Series ($90): Cory, Topanga, Shawn, Angela, Eric, and鈥 FEENY! Go old school with your next weekend TV-watching binge.

45. heythrprincess Mrs. Jordan Catalano Pencils ($4): The only thing is鈥 no one is totally over Jordan Catalano.

46. Now That鈥檚 What I Call The 1990s ($15): Pump up the jam at your next party.

47. Nickelodeon Glow-in-the-Dark Gak ($4): Stretch it, bounce it, and bubble it for lots of procrastinating fun.

48. MTV Daria Mad At the World Logo T-Shirt ($20): This might be the best t-shirt ever. La la la la la.

49. T-Shirt & Jeans Smiley Face Backpack ($25): More smiley face gear coming at ya.

50. Mixtape Table ($4,950): And finally, a serious splurge. We鈥檝e been obsessing over this Mixtape table for well over a year, and we still dream of having it here at Brit + Co. In the words of Wayne, 鈥淚t will be mine. Oh yes, it will be mine.鈥

Additional reporting by Andrea Romano.

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