Remember that rainbow highlighter that more or less broke the Internet when it was released, cleaning out the entire website’s stock in just two days and being relisted on eBay for as much as $1,225?

Yeah, us too! While you can now get your hands on a $5 Wet N Wild version of the original, beauty buffs will be pleased to know that the makers of the original product, Bitter Lace Beauty (the website for which is currently under construction) will soon be launching an entirely new LINE of highlighters sure to cause a shimmer-induced frenzy.

Say hello to the Halloween-inspired collection, the likes of which are sure to be equal parts spooky and dazzling.

Announcing their early October arrival via Instagram (get ready to stalk!), the brand is giving us a sneak peek of its new themed products, and we, for one, could not be more excited.

Behold this blood-spattered beaut of a palette, for instance, named (what else?) “slay.”

“You know we couldn’t do Halloween without a little gore,” the brand writes.

Also on the docket?

This candy corn palette, aptly dubbed “toothache…”

…and this spider-printed version, titled after the movie that inspired it, “Hocus Pocus.”

We just may be most excited, however, for the introduction of what promises to be a liquid highlighter, poured into a darling skull bottle.

So far, so good — the packaging looks great, but how do these colors actually look when applied? Have a look for yourself! While swatches of every palette are currently posted on the brand’s Instagram page, this Hocus Pocus swatch should be more than enough to get you pumped.

Eeeee! Can. Not. WAIT.

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