You鈥檙e working out. Yay! Being healthy is the jam. Maybe you鈥檙e an early adopter of one of the five fitness trends crushing 2017, or maybe you鈥檙e dipping your toe in the water with a seven-minute workout. But whatever your activity level, one thing鈥檚 for sure: You need some seriously great tunes to exercise to. And who better to talk song selection with than someone who curates class-powering playlists聽on the daily? Tevia Celli聽鈥 longtime cycling instructor and CycleBar鈥檚 director of class experience聽鈥 breaks down how she builds the best music sets for her heart-pumping spin classes聽and shares a playlist you can take straight to the gym.


1. Keep it top-of-mind.聽If you have a big race coming up or a new class you鈥檙e nervous to try, consider waiting until right before the big day to make your playlist. 鈥淚 like to make my playlist the morning of each of my classes 鈥 even if that means waking up at 4:30am to make a playlist for a 6am ride,鈥 says Tevia. 鈥淭he music then reflects my mood. I teach better when I am aligned with the music and teaching from a place of authenticity,鈥 she adds.


2. Don鈥檛 get too niche.聽For Tevia, who teaches classes of up to 30 riders, broad appeal聽is critical. 鈥淢usic for the Masses鈥 is her driving motto: 鈥淚 make sure I hit the majority of music genres in each class, because all it takes is one song for someone to love a class.鈥 If you鈥檙e creating a list just for you, be sure to spread the love, mixing in lots of new favorites and old faithfuls.


3. It all comes down to emotion.聽鈥淚 start my playlist by picking one song that I want to hear, one that inspires me or one that makes me feel something powerful,鈥 explains Tevia. 鈥淚 can then translate that feeling in the class and can work the rest of my playlist around that one song.鈥 She compares the process to building a movie soundtrack, saying, 鈥淭he one song or feeling that I want to bring into a room has to be placed in the perfect position of the ride so that my riders can experience the same feeling at the right time.鈥

Hitting the gym or going out for a run? Check out the Spotify playlist Tevia put together just for you, right聽here.

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