Creative blocks are *the* worst. Like trying to write a post for dear ol’ B+C, switching Spotify playlists every once in awhile, offering to wash the dishes or take out the trash, then returning to the post… See! Creative blocks can really drag you down. But have no fear because we got news for you. We have advice on beating creative block, all courtesy of a few of our favorite makers and artisans. Time to get inspired, folks!

1. Get outside: “Don’t just wait for the inspiration to come to you, but look for it. Go for a walk, see an art exhibit, read a book; do something that is somehow related to your craft or can bring you new ideas just by changing your setting.” – Rossella Manzini of Ross Lab

2. Brainstorm with others: “I find that talking to others about what I’m working on will often give me a fresh perspective. Don’t be afraid to ask for opinions or help!” – Lisa Willis of Missive

3. Keep a list of ideas: “I have an ongoing list of ideas that I jot down in my phone, whenever they come to mind. When I am in a rut, I revisit that list to see if any of them are still interesting to me, and if so, I start sketching or mocking up new prototypes.” – Anna Ritchie of Your Nest Inspired

4. Stay sweet and treat yo’self (sometimes literally!): “I go out and eat chocolate. Normally all I needed was a break. Leave your desk and get your head cleared!” – Melanie Abrantes

5. Look at your work through a different pair of eyes: “I like to watch my daughter explore and learn. Looking at the world through her eyes is refreshing and motivates me to find beauty in the everyday and to play!” – Jella Roson of Honey My Heart(Photo: Kira Kids)

6. Find a creative community: “Have a network of people you trust to look over your work, evaluate it and make suggestions. Your creative community can also help you sift through ideas to come up with something wonderful.” – Brittany Castellano of A Handcrafted Home

7. Sketch it out: “I’m a big fan of sketchbooks and I use them to record everything from rough design sketches to business plan ideas. When I’m feeling stuck or low on ideas I’ll flip through my sketchbook and read through my old notes and drawings. That often sparks new ideas or reminds me of something I didn’t have time to develop before.” – Casey Starks of Vitamini Handmade

8. Learn something new:Learn something new! We love trying new things, researching specialized tools and checking out different cultures. All these things get you out of your comfort zone. If you are too comfortable you will be making/creaking/writing the same thing over and over.” – 1.61 Soft Goods

9. Meet other makers: “we’re really into getting inspired by, talking to, and experiencing other makers and what they have to offer. We try to travel around as much as possible. And wherever we go, we try to find someone doing their craft — whether that person is a jewelry maker, a bread maker or a boutique hotel owner. We’re always so inspired and filled with endless dreams the more makers we meet.” – Second Sun

10. Explore your city: “Our flavors are guided by the fruits of the season at the farmers’ market. I am truly inspired when I go to the market. If I need a creative break, I head there.” – Amy Deaver of Lemon Bird(Photo: DODOcase)

11. Check creative sources: “I have a library of design books that I turn to. I will flick through as many as possible and let it all go into the melting pot. If time permits, I’ll go to a museum.” – Ben Harris of Drop

12. Ignore the myth: “I try not to buy into the myth of the creative block. I think the more power you give it, the more power it has over you. Creative inspiration is everywhere if we believe it, and when we think rigidly about where inspiration comes from, it limits our ability to see things from new sides.” – Lionheart Prints

How do you beat creative block? Let us know in the comments below!