February is Black History Month and we felt it was only fitting to share some of our favorite recipes, inspired by African-American and Caribbean cultures. Maybe you’re looking for a rainy-day meal before binge watching a few Black History Month movies? Perhaps, instead, you’re looking for a good read and want to pick up a good Black History Month book while dinner is cooking? The bottom line: Celebrating black culture and history through food is simple (not to mention delicious), and it’s always better when you do it with friends and family. Here are five of our favorite African-American and Caribbean-inspired recipes to get you started.


1. Hominy & Spinach in Garlic-Tomato Broth: This soup is inspired by ego rio, a traditional Yoruban stew eaten in Nigeria. The hominy gets a quick little deep fry (OMG, have you ever had fried hominy?) before being dropped on top. (via Nom’s Nom Profile)


2. White Bean and Collard Green Soup: With a few weeks left of winter, you’re going to need some serious soul food, and this Southern recipe is all that and a bag of potato chips. Your mom would absolutely approve of this one. (via Essence’s Nom Profile)


3. Pork Plantain Bites: Plantains are those large, hard, and often green cousins of the banana that you see at the market, and they’re a staple in many areas across Africa. The yummy twist in this recipe: slow-cooked pork that gets piled on top. (via Little Coconutty’s Nom Profile)


4. Vegan Jambalaya: Bring on the Creole! With influences from the Caribbean and West Africa, this dish may traditionally feature chicken or shrimp, but this vegan version packs its own spicy punch. (via Vegetarian Baker)


5. Crawfish Étouffée: Étouffée (meaning “stuffed” or “suffocated,” literally) originated in Chicago, but this French-Creole dish is an absolute staple in the bayous of Louisiana. Not sure about you, but we’re étouff-freaking starving. (via Sincerely Somjit’s Nom Profile)

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