A standard trip to the hair salon usually involves a euphoric scalp massage, a voluminous blowout and maybe some therapeutic chit chat with your stylist (that is unless you鈥檝e booked a 鈥渜uiet chair鈥 because those exist now FYI). But should you find yourself in Alberto Olmedo鈥檚 salon in Madrid you鈥檒l likely have a very different experience.

In a Facebook video released today (that already has over 90 million views) Alberto chats about his um, unconventional haircutting techniques 鈥 some of which involve samurai swords, a blowtorch and wolverine claws. Yes, really.

Olmedo admits his methods are 鈥渁 bit medieval鈥, but adds that its the only way to get both sides of a haircut 鈥渕athematically exact鈥 and completely even. In the video, he is shown holding swords in both hands and chopping away at the hair with one hand, then another. How this technique results in an even cut, we鈥檙e not exactly sure.


Throughout the vid, Alberto is then seen using a blowtorch to scorch dead ends before swiftly chopping them off, a technique similar to a Brazilian treatment called聽velaterapia that鈥檚 popular among models. Alberto鈥檚 version, however, is much more dramatic (and terrifying).

Alberto says, 鈥淚鈥檓 practically using primitive tools. Fire, swords鈥 It鈥檚 a bit medieval. Sometimes you have to use a bit of imagination to get positive results.鈥 Hmm, we鈥檙e all for imagination, but we鈥檙e also pretty keen to keep our heads. What a double edged sword.

Have you ever had a crazy hair treatment? Share your experience with us in the comments below.

(Photos via AJ+ /Facebook)