Overalls were one of those trends from our youth that we thought would never come back. So when the nostalgic Dungarees silhouette hit it big as a street style statement piece reimagined as a slim-fit layer and no longer styled with one angsty loose strap, we were certain we鈥檇 seen the best of the best of denim reinventions. Cue Alexa Chung. The British It girl 鈥 no stranger to style collaborations 鈥 just launched a denim line with AG Jeans, and its unlikely standout happens to be an overall dress.


Regardless of your initial reaction to the comeback of this grade school fave, it鈥檚 hard to deny that on Alexa, the A-line Gillian dress, especially when modeled alongside the laid-back skinnies and slouchy French slogan sweatshirts, manages to 鈥 *shocker* 鈥 look pretty cool. It and the rest of the 20-piece collection of tops, bottoms and dresses evokes a 鈥90s effortlessness while maintaining Alexa鈥檚 signature feminine sensibility, a vibe that makes each number feel more wearable than it maybe should (we鈥檙e eyeing the long-sleeved jean mini dress, a tailored frock that nails the current 鈥70s style revival and the unbelievably airy Coachella-ready off-the-shoulder ruffle dress).


Available on agjeans.com and at select retailers, Alexa Chung for AG ranges in price from $98-$325, which for us puts these throwback styles into investment denim territory. But since practically anything Alexa endorses becomes a trend, we wouldn鈥檛 be surprised if similar silhouettes started appearing on racks everywhere. Who knows: overall dresses might just be the new Pete Pan collar.

What are your favorite 鈥渘ew鈥 ways to wear denim? Tell us which celebrities you鈥檇 like to see create a denim line in the comments below.