Alexa Chung is known for being a trendsetter and she just can’t help it. No matter what she’s wearing, whether spotted in the girliest designer day dress or channeling her best tomboy in a Peter Pan-collared shirt, vintage blazer and jeans, everyone on the street is taking head-to-toe mental notes, rushing to their closets and stepping out in the same (and yes, we’re just as guilty).

But Alexa’s influence goes way beyond our wardrobe. We also consider her a full-fledged beauty muse. Her effortless looks are already tried-and-true faves of the lazy girl set (messy hair, fresh face, natural brows — we can work with that), but Alexa can also ace a polished look as well or better than the rest, especially when she whips out her secret weapon cat eye (swoon times 1000). Scroll down to get schooled on how you can get in with the It girl’s beauty routine.

1. Ombre Is THE Way:Purple hair is cool for your wild child gfs, but you’ve got your sights set on perfecting your ombre fade. Same with Alexa, who toys around with honey browns and caramels on her subtle and so chic gradient.

2. Don’t Ever Leave Home Without a Cat Eye: Thanks to Alexa’s picture-perfect flick, this mod makeup look is now a go-to for girls everywhere. It’s a foolproof way to refine any look — bring your cat eye game to Alexa’s level with this tutorial.

3. Switch Up Your Look With Long Fringe: Make those daydreams of you + fringe a reality by refreshing your hairdo with bangs. Starting with long fringe is the way to go so you can have the most control over where your hair falls. Play around with a classic middle part just like Alexa, make the romantic side-sweep part of your weekly look, then use these hair hacks to grow them out in style.

4. A Fresh Face Is Always on Trend: You just can’t even when it comes to contouring (though gals, it’s really not that bad!), so instead rock a base look that simply polishes your features and makes your skin glow. Make this minimalist routine yours every AM.

5. Your Everyday Lip Shade Doesn’t Have to be Red: You reserve a red lip for special occasions, but that doesn’t mean your pout has to go bare the rest of the time. Take a cue from Alexa and find a soft lip shade that works with your skin tone. Rose pink and light corals are ideal to wear week-in, week-out during the summer, while slightly deeper berries will pull together your winter-long look.

6. Cool Girls Woke Up Like Dis: Unlike Alexa, some of us *don’t* wake up with perfectly kinked hair (really, how DOES the girl do it?!). But there are still ways to make your mane look perfectly messy from the moment you get out of bed. Try these tricks to get your hair to Alexa-levels of amazing undone-ness… and all while you snooze!

7. Don’t Overdo Your Brows: Not too manicured, but not too bold, there’s a balance each girl has to find when it comes to working their natural brows. And the key isn’t to fill ’em in with powder. Instead develop a regular upkeep routine that includes brushing in castor oil to promote healthy growth. It’ll be just a pluck here and there from then on out.

8. You Can Always Count on the Lob: Mid-length hair is the cut of the season, and no one shows that off better than Alexa, who’s been rocking the lob-to-bob and back again for years now. It might be the chicest way to refresh your long layered ‘do, but if you’re still not quite ready to chop it all off, fake the look with a faux crop!

What beauty tips do you take away from Alexa Chung? Have you already mastered her flawless cat eye? Tell us about which other celebs’ beauty routines you obsess over in the comments below.