2016 has been rough all around, but it has been ESPECIALLY rough on Samsung. They dealt with the explosion (literally) of the Galaxy Note 7 and the brutal aftermath, and if that wasn鈥檛 bad enough, some of their washing machines started malfunctioning too. Yeesh. If 2017 could hurry up and get here, that鈥檇 be great. We are just freakin鈥 done with this year. And apparently, so is Samsung.

Samsung Unveils Its New Galaxy Note 7

The Korean conglomerate is finally pulling the ultimate plug on the Galaxy Note 7. For a while, stubborn users stayed, well, stubborn and refused to return their phones. Obviously Samsung couldn鈥檛 force people to do so, but they鈥檙e about to make life hell for anyone who鈥檚 still hanging on to their Note 7. Starting December 19, a mandatory update will be rolling out to the Galaxy Note 7 devices still in the wild, making it so that they won鈥檛 work with any cellular networks anymore. The update will also make it impossible to charge the phone. Wowza. How鈥檚 that for a literal plug pull?

If you鈥檙e one of the seven percent of Galaxy Note 7 users who still have their phone, we recommend immediately getting in touch with your cellular provider for an exchange or refund (for more deets, check out Samsung鈥檚 announcement). Not only is the phone a fire hazard, but come December 19, you鈥檒l be totally cut off from the outside world if you don鈥檛 exchange it 鈥 cause, you know, face-to-face interactions are so 2007.

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(h/t Mashable, photos via Drew Angerer/Getty)