As lovers of type, words, and patterns, we’re big fans of alphabet-themed art. At some point, pretty much every artist, designer, illustrator, and hand-letterer decides that it’s probably time to illustrate a custom alphabet. Well, hear hear! Here are 16 pieces of illustrated ABC’s worth hanging on your wall.

1. Cheese Alphabet Print ($28 and up): We know it’s sort of unfair to start with our favorite one but… say cheese!

2. The Muppet Alphabet ($18 and up): This is too good, and our favorite is definitely T for The Swedish Chef.

3. Alphabet Hair ($15 and up): Not sure what all of these stand for, but we love the super graphic style of the whole piece.

4. Musicalphabet Screen Print ($101): I spy Bowie, Dolly, Elvis, and Michael. What about you?

5. Alphabet of Instruments ($18 and up): Speaking of music, where can we take zither lessons?

6. Floral Alphabet ($15 and up): The delicate style of this almost looks like someone set flowers down on a xerox machine or something.

7. Patterned Alphabet ($16 and up): We know this isn’t exactly “illustrated” but we dig all the patterns together. Surprise surprise ;)

8. Super Mario Alphabet ($18 and up): T is for OAD. THat’s all.

9. Dog Breeds Typographic Print ($50): Omg how good is the Cavalier King Charles? Turkey Temple would definitely approve.

10. Princess Alphabet ($18 and up): Admittedly, we was on the fence about including this one. We love the Disney princesses but aren’t totally sold on this portrayal of each of them — it’s just a little TOO cartoony, which is saying a lot since they are cartoon princesses, after all.

11. Cake Alphabet ($28 and up): We came across this slice of beauty when we were searching the web for foodie prints The rainbow cake seriously rules.

12. Alphabet Veggies ($18 and up): Gobble gobble, got eat up those green ABC’s!

13. Illustrated Animal Alphabet ($18 and up): We came across tons of animal-themed alphabets, but the gentle lines and subtle color palette of this one won us over.

14. Bread Alphabet Print ($28 and up): Kind of a gluten-free nightmare, but how great is that matzo drawing?

15. Colorful Alphabet ($16 and up): Love this mix of creatures, buildings, and color.

16. Simpsons Alphabet ($18 and up): And finally… The Simpsons. Dooooo do do, do-dooooo, do do, do do-do-do-do. You know how it goes.

Which one is your favorite? Have you ever created an alphabet? Get at us in the comments below.