Nothing better than curling up on a Friday night and watching Netflix (maybe even streaming a few of these cool back to school flicks). The only thing that could really amp up the Stay Home Club scene is a DIY cocktail (because if you watch Sex and the City without a Cosmo, did you really watch it at all?). But the trouble with that (other than its potential bad health news) is putting on pants and leaving your blanket cocoon to get the necessary goods. Luckily the folks at Amazon have you covered with their new speedy service.


The company announced via press release that they are launching a service called Amazon Prime Now that will deliver sundries (read: food, wine, beer) to customers an hour after they order them. For the cost of a subscription ($99 a year) you could get your orders delivered for free in a two hour window or pay a small fee and have them delivered within the hour. This would majorly help out anyone not #blessed enough to live near a liquor store, those of us adverse to ever wearing pants or any/all hostesses about to embark on party planning season.


The downside to this deal (other than its kind of steep subscription fee) is that thus far it’s only available to people in the cities of Seattle, Kirkland, Bellevue and Redmond in Washington. However if this soft launch is a success it’s super likely that the company will expand this service to other places.

If you don’t live in the Washington area services like Saucey, Postmates, Instacart and Minibar can help you out. And whether you schlep to the grocery store (oh you brave, pant wearing soul) or have your libations delivered, you know where to look for cocktail recipes for days.

Drink and watch Netflix responsibly, friends.


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