Amazon Primers, users of Prime Pantry and fast-shipping lovers everywhere, boy do we have some good news for you. If you thought getting two-day shipping was awesome, you’re going to love Amazon’s one-hour shipping. Since December, New York City has been lucky enough to be the first city to experience this super fast shipping service, but Amazon is spreading the love to two new cities — Baltimore and Miami. Lucky ducks…


Currently, Amazon’s Prime Now app (free on iOS and Android) gives you free two-hour deliveries in loads of locations. But if two hours is just one too many hours for you and you live in select zip codes, the app has the option for an hour-long wait if you’re willing to pay $8 extra. That doesn’t sound too bad when you desperately need those cute spring stripes on your body asap… or more likely forgot some supplies for your next DIY project, or ripped your favorite skirt and have a presentation in three hours. Besides Baltimore and Miami, the one-hour delivery service has expanded to include more areas of NYC. We’re talking all of Manhattan and parts of Brooklyn.


Amazon has some hungry competition nipping at its heels: Google and eBay are working on their own same-day shipping options. We’ll continue to keep our fingers crossed that the service makes its way westward in the near future. Until then, we’ll just keep reminding ourselves how happy we are that Amazon Prime Now ships seven days a week, from 8am to 10pm. Because really, two-hour shipping is pretty rad too.

What city do you need Amazon’s one-hour shipping to come to? What would you want delivered to you in under an hour?

(h/t CNET)