Some of us have had a real struggle when it comes to cozying up in our nooks and diving into a book digitally. Whether it’s the smell of the leather bounds we can’t say bye to or the love of flipping through pages, you might still be apprehensive when it comes to saying farewell to beloved physical books. Amazon is trying to change that hesitation with new software that may just carve out a happily ever after area in the digital world for hardcover diehards.

Amazon Kindle Convert is a digital software by the e-commerce company looking to take over yet another part of our lives. The software’s process seems super simple in theory, but it sounds like it would take an awfully long time to get those books from the shelves to your e-reader. Basically, after purchasing the software for $19 the time consuming work begins: You convert your physical copies of books and documents (from hand-written notes, to autographed pages + pictures) to Kindle eBooks by scanning them page by page. Yes, page by page.

Once uploaded, the digital book is preserved for free in your Amazon Cloud Drive and can be enjoyed on any of your connected Kindle devices or apps across your smartphones or tablets connected to the specified Amazon account. Additionally, you can use Kindle features like Whispersync, notes, highlights and the Kindle dictionary like you would if you bought a book straight through the Amazon service. Remember though, the perks come after the long upload process.

While this idea is super cool in concept, we’re hoping Amazon gets enough feedback about the product that the company will eventually allow users to scan a few essential pages (like the publishing page + barcode) as a proof of purchase and then the digital book will automatically be uploaded to your digital library. Because who honestly has the time to scan 448 pages of Homemakers when there’s so many projects to complete ;)

Do you have the time to scan an entire book using Amazon Kindle Convert? Let us know in the comments.

(h/t TechCrunch)

(Featured photo via Amazon Kindle Facebook)