Nasty Gal has been one of my number one go-tos for a fashion fix for YEARS 鈥 where else was I gonna find Courtney Love-designed babydolls or summer-ready leather Vans on a whim?

With the original #GirlBoss Sophia Amuroso at the helm, I could rest easy knowing that the brand鈥檚 picks would always be on-trend.

But Amoruso stepped down as the company鈥檚 CEO back in 2015 and, late last year, we got word that our beloved Nasty brand was quickly going under, filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Trust me when I say, no one was more bummed than I was. At least a quarter of my wardrobe bears the brand鈥檚 label! There was SOME light at the end of the tunnel, however: The site boasted a killer 70-percent-off sale as part of its last hurrah before it was to be taken over by new management on February 28. Nasty Gal was acquired by UK retailer BooHoo for a cool $20 million, giving Nasty Gals (myself included) everywhere hope that their favorite fashion fix could still be a reality.

My hopes were quickly dashed, however, once I received my first order under new management. Having ordered the Hazel Choker Tee for what seemed like a steal at $36, I was pretty excited to get my goods. That is, until a week later, when my package arrived containing鈥 a completely different dress than the one I ordered.

While the style of the Kayla Graphic Shirt dress (also $36) I received was kinda similar to the one I had actually ordered, I wasn鈥檛 digging the wild cutout at the shoulder that appeared like it would make wearing a bra next to impossible. I could easily discern how the mix-up had occurred, as the tag on the dress in the bag I clutched bore the name of the original item I had wanted 鈥 the Hazel Choker Tee 鈥 but the item was most definitely not what I had expected.

After a quick check online, I saw that my beloved Hazel dress was going fast: In fact, there was only one left in stock of my size on the site, sparking my sense of urgency. I figured I鈥檇 better call right away to get an exchange under way, so I went to contact the company. Except鈥 there was no one to contact. Under the 鈥渃ustomer care鈥 section of the site was the usual lineup of categories, including shipping info, returns, size guide, T+C鈥檚, and about cookies, but a 鈥淐ontact Us鈥 section was nowhere to be found.

The best I could find was a 鈥淯S Hassle-Free Returns鈥 section (which still stands), reading, 鈥淪imply return your items to the following address within 28 days of the date on your dispatch note. Please note that returns will be made at your own cost.鈥

Upon second glance, I happened to spy a 鈥淐ontact Us鈥 button at the bottom of my shipment email, but clicking it proved futile 鈥 it simply spun and spun. Being the resourceful, determined gal that I am, I refused to give up, taking to Google. A quick search of 鈥淣asty Gal contact鈥 yielded several methods of communication 鈥 a live chat (which was still 鈥減ending鈥 for an agent long after I had given up and returned to my computer more than three hours later), a phone number of 855-627-8942 (which informed me that the Nasty Gal customer service line no longer existed), and an email, which, after typing out my formal complaint, refused to actually let me hit the 鈥渟end鈥 button (or if it did go through, there was no confirmation message or indication that it had worked).

Time to take to social media. A Tweet to @NastyGal went unanswered, but I did happen to spy the following message on the company鈥檚 Twitter bio: 鈥淣eed help? @NastyGalHelp has your back.鈥 Score!

I typed out my dilemma 鈥 for the fourth time now, between the chat, email, regular Twitter, and help Twitter 鈥 and after receiving a generic 鈥淗ey gal, we鈥檒l get back to you,鈥 the company eventually answered (with some urging) with this: 鈥淲e鈥檙e so bummed to hear this. Unfortunately we are unable to provide replacements for incorrect items at the moment. Please return the item for a full refund 鈥 keep hold of the postage receipt in case of any issues and if there鈥檚 a charge we鈥檒l refund the amount as the item is incorrect. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.鈥

Welp, that solved the problem of the return, but I still wanted the dress I had ordered 鈥 badly. I explained that while I was happy to re-order the original item, I wanted to be sure that I wouldn鈥檛 receive an incorrect item again, as the tag of the dress I received had clearly been marked wrong in the warehouse. I received the following response: 鈥淲e鈥檝e contacted the warehouse to get this checked, however the order may be dispatched prior to the issue being investigated. You should receive the correct item, but if we mess up again, reach out and we鈥檒l get the issue sorted. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.鈥

Okay, fine 鈥 the national nightmare was over (for now). Albeit for a few HOURS lost (over a $36 dress, no less), my shopping saga was donezo, and I could finally get on with my day, right? Wrong. So wrong.

The email I had previously sent apparently DID go through, and a customer service rep had gotten back to me with a totally different answer. 鈥淯nfortunately, we are still unable to view any previous Nasty Gal orders/accounts,鈥 she wrote. 鈥淚t seems that the management changeover is taking a bit longer than expected and we鈥檙e still trying to fine-tune some details. Don鈥檛 worry though, we are looking into this.鈥

Not wanting to waste the rep鈥檚 time (ha!) I explained that it had actually been taken care of; I was sending the dress back per instruction and had already ordered a new one. The rep then responded with a message that completely baffled me. 鈥淚 am sorry for any inconvenience caused. Unfortunately, we would not be accepting any returns from orders placed before 28/02/2017. I understand how disappointing this is but it is due to the management changeover. Let us know if you have any other issues.鈥

Confused, I AGAIN attempted to explain that the item I received had been incorrect, and that I was merely sending it back for a refund, as I hadn鈥檛 purchased it to begin with. In response, I received this: 鈥淚 apologize for any confusion but I was regarding to the original order (the incorrect item that you received). If you purchased this before 28/02/2017 we will not be able to accept this as a return. Apologies for the inconvenience caused. If you have any other queries please get in touch.鈥

What!? Now I was thoroughly confused, and frankly, a little PO-ed. If I sent the dress back, was I getting my money back per the Twitter rep or not? Double checking the date of my original order and finding it to have been March 4 (phew!), I figured I was in the clear, and let the rep know that my order had actually been placed AFTER the date she kept referring to, so my refund should be accepted. At this point, I fully expected her to give me the go-ahead to send the item back as previously directed. Instead, I more or less received the same message as above, informing me that Nasty Gal would not be taking returns for orders placed before 2/28 with the added line, 鈥淎s you have already sent yours back, I have sent an enquiry to see what is happening with that. Please allow a few days for the relevant department to get back to me. As soon as they do, I will email you with an update.鈥

Was this girl reading my emails at all, or was I being sent form letters? I once more informed her that my order had been placed after the date of February 28, and that I hadn鈥檛 sent the dress back yet for fear at this point of not actually being refunded my money.

In response, I received an even MORE confusing message. 鈥淭hanks for getting in touch. I鈥檓 really sorry but we鈥檙e unable to confirm your query atm. NG has recently changed management and we鈥檙e still going through a massive changeover. Because of this, we鈥檙e still trying to fine-tune a few details. This means that we currently are unable to offer a resolve for your query so I have passed it on to the relevant department. I will be back in touch in a few days when I receive correspondence. We are really sorry for any inconvenience caused.鈥 (That was on March 11. I鈥檝e still yet to receive any 鈥渁dditional response.鈥)

Frustrated (and confused!) beyond belief, I took to the company鈥檚

with a few expletives in mind, but I was absolutely SHOCKED at what I saw. Not only were others describing similar scenarios to my own, I also saw COUNTLESS additional complaints of orders not being delivered at


, returns not being processed after months on end, accounts with leftover credits having been closed without warning, tales of the 70-percent-off code not being applied to orders (a rather big deal, considering some of the site鈥檚 original prices were upwards of $1,000), and claims of theft and fraud. Basically, the works.

In fact, Nasty Gal鈥檚 own first post was an overarching response to the absolute flood of complaints they had been receiving, and one of their remarks looked kinda鈥 familiar.

I could not believe my eyes. Was this a sick joke? It quickly became clear that I had stumbled upon something much bigger than myself and my $36 dress, and now I was enraged. I had already decided that between all the mixed messages I鈥檇 received I would rather just eat my purchase than deal with the hassle this was turning out to be. I didn鈥檛 want to risk potentially being given the run-around AGAIN over a refund of less than $50 (not to mention waste the money on shipping should things not pan out). Yet, I couldn鈥檛 help but think about what would have happened if I had placed my order prior to February 28, and spent a boatload in the process. How would I even begin to combat this and recoup my funds in a timely manner? Obviously, there were PLENTY of others that were dealing with these issues on a much larger scale, having spent far greater amounts than I in the good faith that they were getting some quality goods, and the thought made me both furious and positively sick.

The comments over on Instagram weren鈥檛 any better. 鈥淲e are all sick of you, 鈥楬ey Gal-ing鈥 asking for our 鈥榙eets鈥 and telling us to message you because you keep telling us all the same: You can鈥檛 access our accounts or track our orders, and you won鈥檛 take responsibility for lost orders, double charges, or the other plethora of issues customers have had before the changeover.鈥

Turn up the heat. Slides are here, link in bio.

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Though the company鈥檚 only recommended course of action seemed to be filing a complaint with customers鈥 banks, I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau on behalf of all of my fellow (former) 鈥淣asty Gals,鈥 requesting that the organization do a thorough investigation into the company鈥檚 new practices as desired resolution. I am also penning this piece in the hopes of saving others the headache (and lack of rightful funds!) that not only I, but other ladies underwent, all over a shared mutual love of edgy oversized t-shirt dresses, chokers, and the like.

And, should those options fail, there鈥檚 also the Federal Trade Commission, where you can file a complaint under the site鈥檚 鈥淚nternet services, online shopping, or computers鈥 section on the lefthand side.

Looks like it鈥檚 time to get 鈥淣asty,鈥 ladies.

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