Halloween is THIS WEEK and that means it鈥檚 time to聽party like animals, guys. This is one holiday when it鈥檚 totally appropriate to聽show off your wild side聽without worrying about having your sanity questioned. Finally, an excuse to聽dress up as something you鈥檙e not. So we say forget trying to pin down that perfectly creative and easy-to-execute costume and just go a little wild. If you鈥檙e still costume-less and idea-less, it鈥檚 safe to end your 鈥渨hat to wear鈥 quest now 鈥 whether you want to buy, DIY, dress up the whole fam, you and your boo and/or just wear a fuzzy onesie all day and night we have you covered.

1.聽Baby Cow Costume: Everyone will be udderly delighted by this tiny cow. And it鈥檚 SO easy to execute. (via聽Make It and Love It)

2.聽Baby Crocodile Costume ($60): Clearly falls under the cute category. We can hardly imagine anything more aww-dorable!

3.聽Wolf Hoodie: Transform an old sweatshirt into a super cute Halloween costume with some well-cut felt. (via聽Elli)

4.聽Pig Costume: A completely pink clothing ensemble can transform into a pig costume with the simple addition of ears and a snout. (via聽A Little Red House)

5.聽Wise Old Owl Glasses: How simple and cute are these sweet owl glasses that can double as Halloween photobooth props too! (via聽Emmy in the Making)

6.聽Bear Coat聽($200): Is Halloween here yet? We just can鈥檛 wait for an excuse to walk about in this cozy bear coat.

7.聽Adult Giraffe Onesie Kigurumi Pajamas聽($60): In case you didn鈥檛 know that adult onesies were a thing, here鈥檚 proof. If it pains you to invest in a piece that you鈥檒l only wear one day of the year, take heart knowing that this costume can definitely double as cozy pjs after their big debut.

8.聽Deer Halloween Costume: If your friends give you some major competition for that costume prize, here鈥檚 a DIY you can use to finally show them up. (via聽Flattery)

9.聽Octopus Costume: Yep, this costume exists. And it鈥檚 DIY-able! (via聽Jane Marie)

10.聽Little Llama Costume: Your little one will feel eight feet tall in this adorable DIY. (via聽Oh Happy Day)

11.聽DIY Penguin: Wanna pull something creative out of your craft closet? This penguin looks boutique, but no one needs to know that you actually created it out of a few items in your craft closet. (Shhh, we won鈥檛 tell!) Dress as Mary Poppins and 鈥 boom. Mom + baby costume FTW! (via聽Make It and Love It)

12.聽Toddler Eagle Costume聽($49): We鈥檙e obsessed with this, the sweetest eagle we鈥檝e ever seen. Bonus: That fuzzy eagle head can double as a hat for chilly trick-or-treat outings.

13.聽Unicorn Tutu Tutorial: We鈥檙e counting mythical animals in this roundup. Especially when they鈥檙e as flirty as this. (via聽LaurDIY)

14.聽Panda Bear聽($20): This cuddly panda costume is already a steal, but if you鈥檙e the crafty type, this look could also easily be cleverly recreated with a black tutu, tights, leg warmers and a hoodie.

15.聽Shark Costume: Show off your creative wit and craft this shark costume all by yourself. (via聽Fiskars)

16.聽Lion Halloween Makeup: Mee-yow! (via聽From Head to Toe)

17.聽Little Lamb: Got a last minute invite to a costume party? Rummage through your bathroom cabinet for the cottonballs, there鈥檚 still time to DIY this one-of-a-kind little lamb. (via聽Parents)

18.聽Party Animals: Knock it out of the park at this year鈥檚 Halloween bash with a costume that calls for a mask of your choice and your Saturday night best. Who鈥檚 ready to party? (via聽Brit + Co)

19.聽Hamster Costume聽($80): Be prepared to do the Hamster Dance all night long鈥

20.聽DIY No-Sew Fox Ears: For our procrastinating friends who have that Halloween thing to go to and nothing to wear, here鈥檚 a DIY idea that鈥檚 ideal for last minute. Use a bit of fur and some glue to transform a headband into a fantastic foxy headpiece. (via聽BITS)

21.聽Faun Makeup: Get creative with your makeup bag and take the kiddie dress-up game to a new level. This faun makeup look is super-impressive and surprisingly DIY-able. (via聽Cos Couture)

22.聽No-Sew Kids Lion Halloween Costume: Wanna play king for a day? This no-sew lion costume is totally fun. (via聽A Night Owl Blog)

23.聽Raven Mask聽($59): Can you say鈥 HOT?

24.聽Big Bad Wolf Hoodie: DIY enthusiasts, Halloween is the perfect time to get your game on. (via聽Martha Stewart)

25.聽Animal Ear Clips: This easy tutorial might be the last minute and/or work-appropriate costume of your dreams. (via聽Gleeful Things)

26.聽DIY Snail Costume: Have you ever seen a snail as cuddly as this one? We didn鈥檛 think so. (via聽Oh Happy Day)

27.聽Cow Costume聽($48): Halloween just doesn鈥檛 get any more comfy than this cow costume.

28.聽Handmade Hooty Owl Costume: This costume gets its inspiration from our feathered friends. Proof that DIYs are a zillion times more creative than anything you鈥檒l find in a superstore. (via聽My Owl Barn)

29.聽Newborn Caterpillar Costume聽($49): Bundle up your newborn in this Eric Carle-inspired costume. It鈥檚 just about as snuggly as they come and, if you鈥檙e a master crochet-er, we believe in your ability to DIY this adorableness!

30.聽Dog Costume: To recreate your child鈥檚 favorite animal, spray paint brown spots onto a grey hooded sweatshirt and sweatpants, then add a brown felt tail and ears. Almost聽too聽easy. (via聽BHG)

31.聽Foxy Halloween Costume: This foxy getup is as non-basic as it gets. With a bit of makeup and a quick hair transformation you鈥檒l blow everyone鈥檚 minds. (via聽Katie Nash)

32.聽Madame Butterfly Costume: You can bet that no one at your party will do a butterfly like this! Let Martha help you craft a beautiful butterfly hairpiece using a flurry of the winged beauties (artificial, of course). (via聽Martha Stewart)

33.聽No-Sew Felt Bunny Ears: You can take a bunny costume one of a thousand different ways. Go cute, go sexy, go too sexy, but top it off with this easy DIY.聽(via聽One Little Minute)

34.聽The Giraffe: It鈥檚 amazing what you can accomplish with a bit of makeup. It makes even the simplest ideas completely magical. (via聽Daily Candy)

35.聽Denim-Clad Horse People: Get a little country and a little creepy with this easy last minute couples costume. (via聽Brit + Co)

36.聽Birds of a Feather Costume: DIY these flamingo and parrot costumes (or switch up the color to craft any bird!) for you and your bestie. (via聽BurdaStyle)

37.聽Lion Mask聽($68): Tease your hair and turn this into a pretty sweet last minute costume.

38.聽Faux Fur Tail聽+聽Ears Tutorial: These simple sewing tutorials will transform you into any animal you want based on what faux fur you pick. (via聽jessyratfink on Instructables)

39.聽DIY Halloween Zebra Costume: Go for Best in Class with this easy to make zebra costume. That mane will be the talk of the party! (via聽Baby Gizmo)

40.聽DIY Jellyfish Costume: Wanna be that mom who comes up with cool out-of-the-box costume? Well, you can stop racking your brain because we鈥檝e just located the prettiest DIY. This jellyfish might just be our favorite of the bunch 鈥 and you could DIY an adult version with longer tentacles! (via聽Style Me Pretty)

41. DIY Leopard Costume: Perfect for the kitty cat who has all leopard errything, you could rock this look at work, at Halloween Happy Hour and, heck, like on a Tuesday. (via Joy of Fashion)

42.聽Bat Headband: Dreaming up cool Halloween accessories doesn鈥檛 have to be a dreadful to-do. Check out this boo-tiful idea. (via聽Martha Stewart)

43.聽Bjork Swan Dress Tutorial: No one will ever guess that this dress was a DIY. Bjork鈥檚 got nothing on her. (via聽A Beautiful Mess)

44.聽Halloween Bunny Ears and Dress Up Kit聽($23): Why not go a bit more cutting edge with your costume? This ensemble from ASOS has all the items you need to transform into a bunny for a few bucks.

45.聽Kids鈥 Giraffe Costume: This impressive DIY is (wait for it) actually really inexpensive to do using posterboard and ModPodge. That鈥檚 right, you might even have the goodies to make it right now. (via聽All You)

46.聽Butterfly Costume: Bust out your tie dying skills on Halloween for more than a hippy costume. (via聽Oh Happy Day)

47.聽The Perfect Black Cat: Okay, so here鈥檚 the thing about the black cat. A聽lot聽of people will be doing it. So if you want go for this look, better to go DIY. And sassy. (via聽Brit + Co)

48.聽Care Bear Family: What? Care Bears count as animals 鈥 especially when the whole family gets involved in an amazing DIY project that calls for some sorbet-hued sweatsuits and a set of crafting skillz. (via聽See Vanessa Craft)

49. + 50.聽Fantastic Mr. Fox Sibling Costume聽+聽Couples Costume: Pop culture + animal-inspired = this DIY idea that you can do to any degree (the print in the kiddy costume is hand-painted, but the masks in the adult version could be a last minute hack). It makes a sweet sibling ensemble or works for grownup Wes Anderson fans who have the Hallotween look down pat and can鈥檛 be Margot and聽Richie Tenenbaum one more year. (via聽Skirt As Top聽+聽A Beautiful Mess)

51.聽DIY Bird Mask: This gorgeous mask can be crafted with crepe and dressed up with your outfit of choice. (via聽Martha Stewart)

52.聽Skunk聽($30): Too cute to be stinky.

53.聽Unicorn聽($150): What little girl isn鈥檛 in love with the idea of the unicorn? Turn fantasy into reality with this mystical costume 鈥 or use it as DIY inspo.

54.聽Crocodile Costume: What can you create with a cardboard box, butcher paper and some tape? Why, this crocodile, of course! 聽(via聽Evil Mad Scientist)

55.聽Baby Hedgehog Tutorial: One and a half yards of fleece, one cute last minute costume for your little one. Clever. (via聽Alida Makes)

56.聽DIY Kitty Costume: There are quite a few cat costume tutorials out there, but none that show you how to turn cheap slippers into the perfect animal paws! (via聽KSW & Co.)

57.聽Dress Up Your Lips: There might not be a tutorial attached to these kissers, but may we recommend using them as inspo for the best lowkey look ever? (via聽lolhit)

58.聽Lobster聽($50): Remember the epic聽lobster in a pot baby? He may have just met his rival.

59.聽Goldilocks and the Three Bears: Family of four, you鈥檝e just found this year鈥檚 coordinating costumes. We find these bear heads slightly disturbing but they鈥檙e sure to make a statement. (via聽A Beautiful Mess)

60.聽DIY Animal Scarves Out of Stuffed Animals: Complete your child鈥檚 wild ensemble with a DIY animal scarf. The best part about this? The scarves were made from actual stuffed animals. (via聽A Subtle Revelry)

61.聽No-Sew Dinosaur Costume: Dinos are animals too, right? Yes, especially when they鈥檙e this adorbs聽and聽this easy to make. (via聽Gingersnap Crafts)

62.聽DIY Spider Costume: Consider this a Halloween intervention 鈥斅爓e鈥檙e bringing you the coolest creepy-crawly spider costume EVER. This will be an epic DIY. (via聽Pretty Providence)

63.聽DIY Bat Costume: We鈥檙e batty for this DIY. (via聽MADE)

64.聽DIY Simple Big Bad Wolf Mask: A few steps are all that鈥檚 required to make a big bad wolf mask. Get ready to brag, 鈥淚 DIYed it!鈥 (via聽Two Naps by Noon)

65. DIY Sheep Costume: This getup is anything but sheepish. (teehehehe) (via Joy of Fashion)

P.S. We can鈥檛 wait to hear about all your聽creative creations! Talk with us about your costume creations in the comments (and don鈥檛 forget to enter this year鈥檚聽Halloween Costume Contest!)聽