Since every kitten is cuckoo for catnip, it’s a given that you’ll be keeping a stash of toys stuffed with the utterly irresistible good stuff around the house. So don’t ruin your decor with cheap and tacky treats—cute catnip toys are out there (read: all over Etsy) and these 10 adorable finds are sure to blow your, and of course, your cat’s mind!

1. Sardines Set of Three ($15): Still, We wouldn’t mind these these beady-eyed little guys swimming around our hardwood floors. These wool felt sardines ship in schools of three.

2. Severed Tail Catnip Toy ($9): In your cat’s imagination, he’s heroically slaying a purple dragon. In reality, he’s rubbing his face against this fleece tail toy. We won’t tell if you won’t.

3. Chocolate Dipped Strawberries Set of Three ($15): Crush your cat’s sweet tooth and catnip craving in one fell swoop! It’s the only toy your pampered feline needs.

4. Cat Toy Sushi ($3 each): We’re pretty smitten with this catnip toy collection that features smiling sushi rolls and other bug-eyed sea creatures, like crab, calamari, and pink shrimp. At $2.50 a pop, it makes sense to indulge your cat’s animated appetite.

5. Tasty Catnip Cheeseburger ($8): Yep, this is a felt cheeseburger stuffed with catnip. And in soft focus behind it, a hot dog catnip toy. We’re obsessed.

6. Catnip Toaster Pastries ($6): Once you pop, the fun don’t stop—even your cat should know what this means.

7. Goldfish Catnip Toy ($15): So cute! These Goldfish cracker catnip toys might be the most cheerful treats in this roundup.

8. Happy Cat Package ($22): All it takes is a brief glimpse at this cat’s face to know that the Happy Cat Package lives up to its name. It comes complete with 15 muti-colored crocheted “hacky sacks”, each filled with two big scoops of catnip. Plus, all proceeds are donated to animal rescue organizations. Total win-win.

9. Confetti Donut Cat Toy ($10): A chocolate croissant for the miss, and a catnip donut for the kitten, please. Can a cafe like this exist already? Wait

10. Love is in the Air Fortune Cookie Cat Toy ($7): Catnip fortune cookies!? We’re sold. These red and pink mushy fortunes would make the purr-fect Valentine’s Day treats for the cat lover in your live.

Where do you shop for cute cat toys? What other cool pet products should we know about? Tell us in the comments below.