Memes are, like, *so* hot right now. For the last few years, social media has been pumping out all kinds of silly little ones that we just can’t get enough of. Think: Forever Alone, Doge and Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda” video, which sprouted some of the most memorable memes to date. And now, an Indian software engineer and contributor to Mozilla named Jignesh Kakadiya has created a site that generates your very own animated text memes. It’s called Slate, and we are sure you’ll be wasting a whole lot of time on it real soon.

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This barebones site lets users create text-only memes that are animated. This may sound difficult, but with the help of this site, it’s incredibly simple. Kakadiya drew inspiration from the Quickest Quotes Tumblr, which features user-submitted quotes from movies, songs and books in the animated text-meme format. By making the GIFs customizable, Kakadiya is passing that joy on to you. Simply visit the page, fill in all the blanks, and voila! That’s it. Mind-numbingly easy.

To break it down even further, each blank signifies a place where users can customize the meme. Everything from what the meme says and the speed at which the text changes to even the color of both the text and background and the font style is all up to you. And we know we said this was text only, but that ALSO means emoticons and emojis are fair game.

As users play around with different customizations, the page automatically saves to Imgur and a personal URL is generated. Slate is debuting at the perfect time, as Facebook and Twitter have started to support GIFs. Got something important to say? Say it with a GIF.

Are you going to be making your own GIFs? Say why or why not in the comments below.