We’ll be the first to admit that sometimes our obsession with emoji goes a little overboard. We can’t help turning them into costumes, cookies or clothes because they’re just so darn cute. Our love reached threat level midnight recently with the announcement of an emoji movie coming soon. No news yet on when this gem hits theaters but we have a few ideas for who should star in it.

1. Salsa Dancer: She’s a character with a tragic past who must dance out her inner turmoil on the streets of Madrid where she has had many a torrid love affair including one where she sacrificed her hands to amore.

2. Dancing Twins: Oh, we forgot they already have their own movie: The Shining.

3. The Taco: This one is a clear front runner for the movie’s hero. People are always saying that tacos are grossly under-represented in American cinema, oh wait no, that was women and minorities. Still, every step counts!

4. Silhouette of Two Dudes: These guys are the other set of villains as they are obviously shadow people from hell. You know how you always feel like somebody’s watching you? It’s these guys.

5. Flying money: This is an apt metaphor for how freaking much a ticket to the movies costs these days.

6. Awkward face: This character is always in the wrong place at the wrong time. Whether it’s walking in on someone, accidentally witnessing a fight or having a wardrobe malfunction, this guy will be there and he’ll be making that face.

7. Heyyy girl: Our unlikely heroine is a star whether she’s posing, saying no to something or getting her hair did.

8. Crying Laughing Cat: Because cats make every movie better.

9. Poop: Because face it, this is your most used emoji.

What emoji do you want in the movie? Tell us in the comments!