Streaming services are the bane of cable companies’ existence, but viewers love ’em. More and more folks are cutting the cord, and Netflix is the first streaming service that comes to mind, along with HBOGo, Hulu and Showtime. But stiff competition is about to get even stiffer.


Apple is the latest tech giant who might be jumping into the fray. According to rumors, like they’re planning to start producing original content. However, The Wall Street Journal reports, “Because it is looking at just a handful of carefully selected shows, and potentially films, it doesn’t appear Apple is preparing to spend the hundreds of millions or even billions of dollars it would need to spend annually to become a direct competitor to Netflix Inc., Inc.’s Prime Video or premium cable networks.”

Apple Holds Event To Announce New Products

Hopefully this means we won’t see any of the filler programming that usually runs on lesser networks. Instead, Apple would do well to go after shows of the Game of Thrones caliber. Ambitious? Definitely. Crazy? Maybe. But we’re talking about the company who said arrivederci to the headphone jack. Anything’s possible.

Whatever kind of content they end up producing, we’re thinking that if Apple sees any kind of success with this venture, they’ll take it and run with it. With device sales on the decline, it’s definitely smart to consider their options.

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(h/t The Next Web, photos via HBO + Getty, Steven Lam/Getty)