We couldn’t resist one last play on April Showers. Whether you’re hosting one or dreading one, here are three creative ideas to make sure that next bridal shower’s a fresh one. No awkward trivia games included! And if you’re looking for a pretty perfect gift for a gal who’s just gotten engaged, check out our “Just Engaged” Toolkit.

1. Project “Brideway”
  A Project Runway update to the classic “create a toilet paper dress” game, go full tilt and use more than just endless rolls of TP!

Create a station for materials and stack it up with blankets and bedsheets, scarves and leg warmers, newspaper and glue, etc. Even tell your guests to plan ahead – tearing out a few pages from an old high school yearbook never feels anything but amazing! Or sneak some old t-shirts or ties from the groom to throw in there.

Break into teams and work on pre-selected or volunteer “models” who show off their best avant-garde, truly couture gown for the bride-to-be, who can either choose a panel of judges or get her bridezilla on and rule alone. (Image Sources: Mister Midwester, Squidoo, Creative Commons)

2. Recipes (with a sexy twist)

Is your girlfriend is registered for new plates and pots, a stand mixer, and a roasting pan?

Make sure she’ll know what to do with them by asking guests to come to her shower with a favorite recipe.

You can make cute blank recipe cards ahead of time for a book or box, or check out Etsy for cool homemade ones.

For extra fun, include a “Spicy” section and have guests write anonymous sexy tips for the bride to keep the heat on for years to come. (Image Sources: Craftzine, Etsy)

3. DIY Photo Booth
 Setting up a backdrop for fun photos is always a good time, but add a few surprises for a bridal shower to make really memorable pics.

Veils, bouquets, and oversized fake diamond rings are ideal, but especially cute when paired with oversized sunglasses and fake mustaches, too!

Pre-make funny marital advice cards, or have a handheld chalkboard or colored paper for guests to write a special wish for the bride and hold up with a big smile.

Other unexpected twists include a great pic of the groom printed like a life-size prop so he’ll be on hand for getting a kiss from best friend to grandma like this one of me and my hubby from my bridal shower! :) (Image Sources: Rock Paper Scissors Events, Your Sweet Studios)

Liz Birch lived in NYC’s tiny East Village and big world of ad agencies until she swapped it all to open Rabe & Co., a tiny graphic design shop in the lovely, spacious Hudson Valley. She works with clients from Vancouver and LA to right down the street in Beacon, NY, where she also works a lot with cheese and bread, old canning jars, heirloom tomatoes, bobby pins and a sewing machine.