Getting espresso on the go no longer means tackling the groggy crowds in your local coffee shop every morning. This little hand-powered espresso maker is only seven inches tall and can brew fresh shots wherever you go. Hong-Kong-based company Wacaco wanted to make a portable espresso maker that didn’t require N2O cartridges, electricity or batteries. From the looks of it, they’ve totally succeeded with the Minipresso.

Here’s how it works: You fill one end of the capsule with grounds (or use a Keurig-like pod) and fill the other end with hot water. By pumping the lever on the side of the capsule, you build up pressure and start the brewing process. The pump works by injecting small quantities of water into the coffee adapter without letting any cold air into the process. Before you know it, you have a 1.7 ounce cup of crema-topped, rich espresso anytime, anywhere.

The Minipresso makes coffee at 116 psi (pounds per square inch) which is the same amount of pressure a traditional espresso machines uses. And if you’re a coffee connoisseur, you may be stoked to know that different water tanks are available for different qualities of espresso. You can even adjust the number of pumps to change the strength of your java — 13 pumps for weak coffee, 18 pumps for a single espresso shot, 28 pumps for a double shot.

The folks at Minispresso suggest using this while camping or in a hotel room. We think it would also be great in the dorm, on a road trip and especially at your desk when you get to work. The device even comes with a twist-off cup like an old school Thermos, so it’s a legit all-in-one deal.

And don’t worry, you don’t need Hulk-like forearm strength to pull the perfect espresso shot. It’s easier than using a hand pump on your bike tires, so what’s stopping you? This ingenious portable espresso maker is set to start shipping early next year. You can pre-order yours right now for just $39. If only full espresso machines were that price…

Are you going to buy a Minipresso for all-day, everyday espresso? Let us know in the comments!