When is the last time you got a cup of latte art that you basically wanted to frame? And we’re talking more than a little foam heart. Latte art can get so intricate, it’s a shame you have to drink it! Some of the best latte artists in the game are strutting their stuff on Instagram, and we’ve made a list of who to follow if you appreciate a good foam masterpiece.

1. @baristart: This baristartist specializes in foaming up portraits of the stars with an uncanny likeness. P.S. The caption to this photo is, “Did I brew that?” #Winning.

2. @baristamaniac: Now that is a PSL. From now on, we expect funny little pumpkins on all of our fall drinks!

3. @dreadfullvegan: Barista Steve Cuevas knows that espresso looks so much cuter with a little bear peeking out of it.

4. @barista_dritan_alsela: This German latte artist is also a business owner! You can bet every latte coming out of his cafe is lovely.

5. @cabellcoffee: Yes, there are latte art championships, and this guy has won it three times. It’s no surprising given his clean, elegant style.

6. @timothysweetbarista: This guy’s name is Timothy Sweet, which we’re pretty sure could be the name of a latte-making superhero. If you’re interested in taking up latte art for yourself, check out his videos.

7. @garyperong: Gary has a knack for flowery designs that remind us of floral baroque patterns. Latte art-printed clothing anyone?

8. @barista.fan: It’s like Swan Lake just hit your cup! This Chinese barista has a way with swans, hearts, rosettes and basically anything you can think up.

9. @barista_dash: This coffee pro mostly sticks to these leaflike shapes, improving them each time. Practice makes perfect!

10. @latteartporn: Not only are this barista’s lattes stunning, but his pictures of them are beautifully lit.

11. @jibbilittle: Here’s another award winner. You can see her taking on one competition after the next.

12. @ben_morrow: Latte line work is a serious skill, and this guy has nailed it. Follow for hypnotizing lines and symmetrical shapes.

13. @simbricks: Simeon Bricker is a Jack of many trades and latte art is obviously one of them. His feed is full of new designs he’s trying out.

14. @belgianbarista: Jelle Van Echelpoel has been the Swedish Latte Art champion for two years running, so it’s no wonder his designs are simply beautiful every time.

15. @rhysodd: OMG. Umbrella bear. How much happier would your mornings be waking up to this little guy every day?

16. @gunsoo_shin: This coffee artist gets inspiration from making art beyond the cup. Look out for symmetrical designs of all kinds.

What kind of latte art do you like to see in your cup? Let us know in the comments!