Don’t get us wrong — we love a good find from somewhere like Urban Outfitters Forever21 or Zara just as much as the next budget-saavy gal, but here’s the problem: We’re guessing most of your friends love to shop at these affordable spots just as much as you do. And there is perhaps no bigger bummer than when you arrive to work wearing that perfect fall dress only to realize your co-worker somehow managed to buy the exact same piece. If you’re in need of a new place to shop that’s not as well know (at least not yet), we vote you check out Article&.

The Brooklyn-based shop was launched in 2013 as an effort to help bring customers unique, wearable and affordable fashion by contemporary designers and independent labels. The often-minimal looks evoke an Everlane sort of refinement but with an H&M price point. As of right now, Article& doesn’t design in-house, but this shop could be a great way to support independent brands in a way you can actually afford – because we all know that’s not always the case. Think it sounds too good to be true? Check out a few of our favorite pieces from the shop and see for yourself.

1. Love Is a Place Jumpsuit ($110): Rock this ultra-flattering jumpsuit at the office with a blazer and then sport it bare for your happy hour Tinder date.


2. Lafayette Vest ($76): Not sure how to dress for those months where it’s not too cold but not too hot? The solution is simple: Just wear this.


3. Cassandra 2-Piece Mini ($72): Think: Taylor Swift goes to a holiday party.


4. Montpelier Turtleneck ($68): Oh hi, sweater we’re going to wear every day this winter.


5. Pleat Front Palazzo Pants ($53): We know winter is coming, but we can’t help daydreaming about rocking these pants as we wander around a cobblestoned street in a far away European city.


6. Victory Loafer ($127): For a pair of shoes that’ll work for everything from a farmer’s market stroll to an important board meeting, these leather kicks are sure to do the trick.


7. Mink Pink Jumper ($86): Did we just find the best holiday sweater ever? We think yes.

What’s your favorite find from Article&? Share with us in the comments below.