You guys, we found our new favorite hotel! If you haven’t heard about the Au Vieux Panier hotel in Marseille, France, let us be the first to introduce you to this European haven for creativity.

This unique French hotel doubles as a museum by having different artists, graphic designers and painters create art installations inside the guest rooms. The artists are accepted through an application process. Then, each creative individual or team makes over one of six different rooms annually. Every time a new year rolls around, the hotel closes for a month and new artwork (by new artists) is revealed. The artists are not assigned any themes, nor do they have any limitations (aside from the four walls that surround the room). It’s pure creativity — a blank canvas… an artists’ dream!

If you score a room here, it’s totally acceptable to sit in your hotel room all day — even if you are oh-so-close to the city of love. It’s also fab because it means you can stay at the same hotel over and over without getting sick of the decor. And with room rates starting at $134 per night, you can wake up in the center of it all without breaking the bank.

Our personal favorite was shown in 2012. Created by graffiti artist Tilt, this colorful guest room, entitled “Panic Room,” featured his signature style on one half of the room, with the other half decorated in stark white to enhance the contrast. We’re definitely booking our next vaca in Marseille! Scroll down to see some of the other pretty sweet rooms from the past and present.

The Parisian design studio Mass Confusion was responsible for this kooky clash of patterns entitled “Purgatory Palace.” And we’re loving it.

Organic and cosmic combine into chalk drawings in the “Fusion” room by Philippe Baudelocque.

The graphic design studio Pixtil designed a pattern specifically for this room entitled “Wind,” which consists of 18,000 strokes on the hand-painted walls. You can also buy those linens, but unfortunately they’ll only ship to France and England.

This one was designed by AVExciters, an architecture and design collective.

Photographer Matthias Olmeta designed this room as an ode to power and energy.

Pascale Robert designed this beautiful guest room inspired by 3D glasses and party culture.

French abstract artist Thomas Canto designed this intricate bedroom, which was inspired by blueprints of urban life.

Does this make you want to stay at the Au Vieux Panier hotel? Which one is your favorite? Talk to us below!

(h/t: My Modern Met)