We may not make it to museums as often as we’d like, but then again we kinda do thanks to street art in our favorite cities. From conception to creation, these beautiful works of art appear on the sides of buildings, inside tunnels and along walls all across the globe. But don’t you always wonder when, what, why and who created it? Google’s Street Art Project is turning the streets of the world into an interactive museum, allowing anyone, anywhere to experience graffiti in a new (and much cooler) way.

Map out where in the world your favorite graffiti artists have left their mark. Choose an artist (or multiple), and click the red circles on the map to view the artwork. Here, you can learn the piece’s name, when it was created and where it’s located. You can also select all of the artists and click around the map to learn about street art from around the globe.

Another feature allows you to view art from interiors of abandoned buildings or inside underground tunnels. Using Google Map technology, you can get 360 degree views of iconic art, like the Lasco Project in Paris. The Street Art Project also allows you to zoom in on some of the artwork so you can see the incredible details up close and personal.

The site also gives you access to YouTube videos where artists share their stories. You can watch as these painters give you behind-the-scenes looks at how these masterpieces were made. The one above captures the installation of the Phlegm exhibition in London.

One of the coolest features that the Street Art Project offers is that you can browse digital galleries of street art from all over the world. Just click one of the images and start scrolling through the breathtaking exhibits.

If you’re walking down the street and see some graffiti that you love, you can become a spotter. Just snap a photo and post it to your Google+ account. When you share it, use the hashtag #streetartproject so that the whole community can see it, too! So what are you waiting for? Start your street art journey right here.

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