Finding the quintessential pair of jeans is every girl’s dream. You know what we’re talking about: a pair that flatters in all the right places and is as streamlined as they come. Throw in a competitive price point, and we’re sold. Allow us to introduce you to Industry Standard, the denim brand of the moment that needs to be on your radar, stat. Founded by Nicole Najafi (who previously worked at Balenciaga, Lanvin and Yves Saint Laurent), Industry Standard promises to offer the perfect pair of jeans for a price that won’t break the bank. Though new to the denim market, Industry Standard has already received widespread recognition from WWD, and Vogue (just to name a few).


As much as we love test driving the latest and greatest trends, there’s something to be said about a tried-and-true pair of blue jeans. Known for its minimalist aesthetic — everything from the streamlined denim to the packaging — Industry Standard aims to strike the perfect balance between good aesthetics and simplicity. When shaping the Industry Standard brand, Najafi told us, “Less is more! There’s so much noise out there, it can be overwhelming. I wanted Industry Standard to feel light and delightfully simple. But I do believe there is an art to simplicity. Sometimes it’s harder to edit down than it is to do otherwise.”


While there are admittedly countless designer denim brands on the market to choose from, affordable and high-quality denim options are few and far between. Najafi knows that for most of us, forking out $200+ for one pair simply isn’t an option. She tells us, “Our approach to denim is very different. We wanted to find a way around the $250 designer denim price dilemma, so we found a way to partner with our factory that would make our denim more affordable without sacrificing quality. We work with some of the best pattern makers and wash houses in LA, and are able to offer our jeans for around $100.”


When shopping for jeans, one of the greatest conundrums that we face is being inundated with too many options. Call us indecisive, but nothing surpasses a pair of classic, everyday jeans. Najafi echoes the same sentiment: “I love a good trend, but I love items that stand the test of time more. Especially in denim. I live in my jeans and really fall in love with them, so I don’t want them to go out of style!”


Since Najafi is the mastermind behind a full-fledged denim brand and all, we had to ask her about her foolproof way to style Industry Standard denim. She told us, “It depends on the season. Right now, it’s below freezing, so I basically live in chunky sweaters and a pair of pointed ankle boots with my jeans, especially a white sweater with the white Odettes!” Sounds like a self-proclaimed cool girl uniform to us.


Which pair of Industry Standard jeans are you anxiously waiting to try on? Tell us in the comments below!