October is one of our favorite months for many reasons: PSLs, sweater weather, gorgeous trees, etc. But mostly, for us, it’s all about Halloween and all the fun that comes along with it. If you are welcoming a new addition to your family soon, we suggest keeping the month’s supernatural vibe in mind. See the 10 creative baby names below for some spooky but cute inspiration for your October babe. Oh, and be sure to check out these adorable infant costumes or mommy and me costume ideas for your little one’s first trick or treating.


October Boy Baby Names

1. Cullen: Believe it or not, this name is not just from Twilight. It has Irish roots and means “holly tree,” which is perfect with the holidays fast approaching.

2. Leaf: Autumn means falling leaves, which also means bright + beautiful trees come October. Show your love of nature with this Norwegian name. You could also switch up the spelling to “Lafe” or “Laith.”

3. Drake: Meaning “Dragon,” this moniker is great for any October dude. The famed singer also celebrates his birthday October 24.

4. Poe: Let your tell-tale heart be your guide when choosing your little man’s name. This one is both classic and literary at the same time.

5. Xander: Everyone knows that the real vampire craze started with Buffy the Vampire Slayer. If you are the ultimate fangirl like us, chose this moniker and claim it’s short for Alexander to your older relatives.

October Girl Baby Names

6. Opal: Not only is this name gem-inspired, but it’s October’s translucent and hologram-like birthstone. Choose it if you want your little girl to really shine.

7. Winona: Beetlejuice fans, this one’s for you! We think this moniker inspired by our fave ’90s actress (who blows out her candles October 29!) would be perfect for your spunky little one.

8. Sabrina: Why not do a classic throwback for your little girl? This sweet name from our fave teenage witch is both unique and adorable. It has roots in Celtic mythology with the legendary Celtic goddess of the river Severn.

9. Esme: Stray from the Bella/Edward name trend and go with this beautiful Twilight-inspired one instead. It means “esteemed or beloved,” which sounds just about right for your little angel.

10. Raven: This one’s another nod to our favorite dark poet Mr. Edgar Allen Poe, or maybe it further proves our obsession with the color black. Either way, it’s fitting for any October babe.

What October-inspired name are you loving? Are there any that we missed? Let us know in the comments below!