Baby naming can be an overwhelming, but rewarding process. Whether it’s an all-consuming obsession or an easy gut feeling that “this is the one,” parents put a lot of pressure on themselves to choose the perfect name for their unborn child – above and beyond the pressure that over-excited family members, friends, and society already places on them.

But while naming is an important rite-of-passage that all new parents go through, it no longer needs to be so overwhelming or as stressful. There are now hundreds of sites and apps that help parents choose a baby name – some within seconds or just a swipe of the finger. There are sites that will let you poll your friends for their naming ideas and there are sites that tell you more than you would ever possibly needed to know about the origins, definitions, and popularity of various names. Here are 7 helpful apps and sites parents can turn to for inspiration if they’re feeling stuck.

1) When you’re too nervous to decide for yourself: Kick To Pick

If choosing the perfect baby name has you riddled with nerves, there’s even an app where your unborn baby can choose, so they can’t blame you in future therapy sessions. With Kick to Pick, you hold your phone up to mama-to-be’s stomach and it shuffles through thousands of names until baby kicks, at which point the phone freezes on the chosen name. ($1, iPhone)

2) When you can’t be bothered to scroll through a whole list of names: Baby Namer

Simply shake or flick your iPhone and it will call up a baby name at random for you to consider. It’s like the Urbanspoon of baby naming! Just select a category specifying whether you’re looking for a popular or unique boy or girl name, and try your luck. ($1, iPhone)

3) When your baby’s due in a week and you realize you don’t have a middle name: Baby Middle Name Generator

If you’re stuck on the first name and want to start on the middle name because there’s less pressure… or if you’ve chosen the perfect first name, only to realize that you still need to find a middle name. Or, you want to give your child a middle name to name him or her after your dear Uncle Xavier and are desperately searching for a decent middle name that begins with the letter X… This is your comprehensive middle naming app. ($1, iPhone)

4) When you want to make sure your baby’s name will still be unique, even if you have to pick up and move across the world for work: Baby Name Wizard

This handy site will tell you the popularity of different baby names in different countries. So if you’re a Brangelina-style globe trotter, you can plan accordingly. Enter a name you like, and a map will show you its popularity by year and location.

5) When you sort of already know what you like, but you’re not 100% sure: Nymbler

Nymbler is like the Pandora for baby names. By starring names you like, the site “learns” your preferences, and surfaces other baby names you might like, that are similar to the ones you’ve starred. Block the names you don’t want to see anymore, and you can surf for hours.

6) When you’re obsessed with the Twilight Saga: Vampire Baby Name Generator

…Does this even need an explanation? ($1, iPhone)

7) When you want to make sure your baby is a doctor. Or a rock star. Or a pro-football player: Nametrix

This app will predict what your baby’s future occupation will be, based on a name. Because that’s totally accurate 100% of the time, right? ($1, iPhone)

How did you (or do you plan to) name your child? We’d love to hear your thoughts. Did you go the traditional route or did you use tech or social media to help you decide? Let us know in the comments or on Facebook or Twitter!