It’s been 12 months of gurgles, coos, and sleepy smiles. Your little love is turning one, and you want to throw an unforgettable first birthday party! Your niece’s bday party featured a petting zoo, Elsa from Frozen, and a buffet that rivaled the spread on most cruises. Even though some mamas throw an over-the-top birthday fete, your style might not be so grandiose. Before you start buying invitations, hiring a caterer, and renting out a hall, know this: An intimate party can be just as memorable as an extravagant one. Here are five reasons why you don’t need to throw a big bash for your baby’s first birthday.


1. Your baby won’t remember it. Sure, she can look through the pics some day or even watch the video, but, your one-year-old won’t remember the crazy big bash that you threw. Save your birthday bucks and use them later on — like when she’s six and will remember the party day.

2. Babies don’t care about parties. Did your one-year-old beg for a birthday party? We didn’t think so. Your little love could care less whether you rent 15 bouncy houses and invite every person you’ve ever met or you have Grandma and Grandpa over for a quiet brunch.

3. The party may never live up to your expectations. For the past six months, you’ve been pinning your favorite ducky invitations, crafty creations, and DIY bday ideas. This is one of her major milestones — you know, other than sitting up, crawling, saying her first word, and walking. You’ve imagined it filled with a seven-layer rainbow piñata cake and Pinterest-worthy decor. Your baby doesn’t care how grand her party is, so consider taking it down a notch. Opt for a dozen cupcakes from the local bakery and colorful crepe paper decorations.

4. Not all your friends want to go. Your friends without babies probably aren’t super excited to spend their entire Saturday drooling over your one-year-old. Yes, she’s a precious little princess, and yes, your friends absolutely adore her. But an all-day affair that centers around your baby sitting in a crinoline-covered high chair doesn’t sound like their idea of fun. Throwing a casual backyard barbecue, or inviting a few close friends and family members for an informal lunch, where guests can come and go as they please, might make more sense.

5. Your baby doesn’t have friends… yet. In a few years, your kiddo will have plenty of friends that she’ll want to invite to her party. She’ll enjoy running around the backyard with her besties or playing pirates with preschool pals. But right now, her closest friends are your friends’ kids and a few relatives, not your coworker’s five-year-old she met once. Don’t invite every baby and toddler that you know just so the birthday baby can have her own guests. Keep it small, and invite your closest friends and family members.

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