If Kristina Schulman never wanted to speak to Dean Unglert after season four of Bachelor in Paradise, we wouldn’t blame her. Even he admitted that he “made a lot of bad decisions” when he found himself in a love triangle with her and Danielle “D-Lo” Lombard. But Schulman — who previously looked for love on Nick Viall’s season of The Bachelor — is taking the high road.

“I’m trying to stay friendly with everyone,” she told HuffPosts “Here to Make Friends” podcast. That might seem surprising to fans, considering how Unglert treated her, but as she explained in her interview, Bachelor Nation is a small world: “I’ll be seeing him, as well as D-Lo, in the same Bachelor circles.”

She added, “I’m trying to be friendly. Understanding him a little bit more and what he was trying to do. Look, yes, it hurt me in the process a whole lot, but I try to see the best in people… I’m trying to understand where he was coming from.”

She also explained where she thinks things went wrong (other than the obvious), saying that when she first showed up in Mexico, she “had the Paradise mindset.” She continued, “I saw that Jade and Tanner [Tolbert] worked out, Evan and Carly [Bass], so to me I was like, ‘Okay, everything needs to be a little bit intensified if I want to walk out of Paradise in a fairly serious relationship.'”

Conversely, she feels like Unglert saw BiP as an opportunity to start dating someone rather than an entrée into a serious relationship. She admitted that when it came down it, they simply didn’t have what it took to make it work: “He and I did not line up.”

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(Photos via ABC/Paul Hebert)