There are some duos that have been destined for greatness since day one: cookies and milk, HRC and a power suit… another killer combo: The Bachelor and wine. I mean, if you endure a rose ceremony without rosé, did it ever even happen? The creators of the show are well aware of your boozy ritual and they even want to help make your Monday nights even more of an event. Introducing: Bachelor Wines.


The new wine line is sourced from California and comes in three very suiting varieties: The Fantasy Suite, One on One and The Final Rosé. Wow. Just wow. The Fantasy Suite is a Cabernet Sauvignon. One on One is a Chardonnay. And The Final Rosé is, well, rosé.

The wines are available for pre-order now and will ship on December 14. You can then either use it to prep for the series premiere in early January or save it for when the show actually airs. Our advice: Order the value pack and do both. The bottles are $16 each, or you can get your besties to Venmo you and splurge on the 12-bottle party pack. Bottoms up, ladies.

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