As if this season of The Bachelorette couldn鈥檛 get any more dramatic. When we first got word of all the contestants, it was clear by their weird bios that we were in for some high drama this season. And while Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay has admitted that she is, in fact, engaged right now, we have no idea to whom. While last week鈥檚 show had a bombshell in the reveal that DeMario had a girlfriend before arriving at the house, it鈥檚 this week鈥檚 episode that has a lot of fans shook over his fate on the show.

In a preview of tonight鈥檚 episode, DeMario shows up to beg Lindsay to let him back into the house. After last week鈥檚 confrontation with his ex-girlfriend not only calling the dude out but also bringing her receipts, it鈥檚 surprising that he鈥檚 even willing to show his face, let alone ask for forgiveness.

In his speech, DeMario asks to be able to rebuild trust with Lindsey, saying, 鈥淚 want to be able to do that with you, and the number one way for me to do that is to be able to be here, speaking to you, and hopefully be on that panel tonight to see if I can earn a rose from you.鈥 The other contestants are not pleased with this development, insisting that he should not be allowed back and that they won鈥檛 talk to him if he is.

While Lindsay admits that it took guts for DeMario to come and confront her face to face, it remains to be seen how his desperate plea will play out on the show tonight. But with so much going on this season, we wouldn鈥檛 be surprised if he does get a chance at redemption.

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(h/t Yahoo News; photos via ABC + Ezra Shaw/Getty)