Sorry, yoga pants, but there’s a new kid on the block. And believe it or not, it’s your favorite pair of jeans. (Say what?!) Barbell Apparel is now raising funds on Kickstarter (and surpassing their goal) for fully functional jeans that move in sync with any body type. They’re goal is to keep you stylish and comfortable whether you’re out on the town with friends or hitting the yoga mat after work.

We typically wouldn’t seek out jeans for doing kettleball workouts or warrior pose but maybe that’s because we didn’t realize that was an option. And no, this isn’t like that time in middle school when you forgot your gym clothes at home and had to run “the mile” in your Levis. Nope. Imagine, no restrictions, wedgies or chafing.

So let’s say you’ve always wanted to commute to work on your bike but never have had the time or space to change into respectable clothing once you get to the office. Now, you can get there comfortably in a pair of jeans that you can wear all day long.

A team of weightlifters, snowboarders and rock climbers from Nevada were fed up with the struggle of finding stylish, yet comfortable jeans that wouldn’t cramp their active lives, so they decided to do something about it.

If you’re conjuring up images of jeggings — stop right there. Barbell’s denim is a classic jean that has revised the proportions of traditional denim. This doesn’t mean they took basic jeans and added spandex to them. They spoke with active friends and family, took measurements and tested them out on all sorts of body types doing all sorts of activities. After years of textile research, months of testing, fittings and tinkering, they got it down to a science and revolutionized denim as we know it today.

And if you’re not digging the jean concept, rest assured that Barbell Apparel’s workout clothing won’t stop at denim. They plan to roll out a full line of functional clothing including dress shirts, slacks, blazers, socks and chinos. So suit up and hit the gym, y’all.

With input from local gym goers, family, friends and leading fashion designers, the makers put craftsmanship to the test. Each pair is outfitted with hand-finished brass buttons, which are slightly larger for ease of use. Then there’s the handy loop for line drying. All jeans come with custom stamped rivets and double-stitched seams for durability. Oh yeah, and if you’re not satisfied with your new workout wear, send your pair back to Barbell free of charge.

We know what you’re thinking: How can I get a pair? You know the drill. Head to Kickstarter, pledge your $109 and be one of the first people to slip your thighs into a pair of Barbells.

Will you be throwing down at the gym in Barbell Denim? Let us know in the comments below.