Seems like the Lisa Frank fan in all of us just can’t get enough of pastel-wonderful eye candy, fanciful creatures and throwback dolls. Thankfully, the internet never disappoints. Almost since her Instagram debut, Barbie has been dominating the feeds. Whether you HEART classic Barbie, girl boss Barbie, hijab Barbie or new body-positive Barbie, you’ve just gotta smile when you see her in a *cake* dress, amiright? Well, wait until you see her in her newest trend — the fruit salad dress! Barbie desserts are not just for kids’ birthdays anymore. Much like unicorn cakes, which are so on-trend right now, Barbie sweets are beloved by kids of *all* ages. Check out these 20 times Barbie desserts stopped us mid-scroll.

1. Barbie Salad: Seems the latest trend in Barbie cakes isn’t a cake at all. Happy birthday, gluten-free girls!

2. Barbie Princess: Proof the cake dress is nowhere near over. *Sigh.* We really can’t get enough of Barbie in a tiara.

3. Boudoir Barbie: Oh, em gee — Barbie’s got a beaded bustier! Looks like girlfriend’s ready for her boudoir selfie.

4. Bedhead Barbie: This Barbie cake got an IRL makeover. Look at the drapes and folds of her gown, and you’ve gotta love the messy waves — so on point right now.

5. Cutaway Dress Barbie: How refreshing to see a Barbie Cake showing a bit of leg. Bonus: That fondant skirt is to die for!

6. Rainbow Barbie: Look, it’s a hybrid of two of everyone’s faves — rainbows and Barbie Dolls. That five-layer cake is as beautiful to look at as it is to eat.

7. Purple Hair Barbie: Look, Barbie has the hair we dream of, and a rainbow dress. Triple hybrid for the win!

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8. Fashion Stylist Barbie: Life goals collages are so inspiring, but life goals Barbie cakes take it to the next level. This little fashionista is a future girl-boss in waiting.

9. Kick-Fighter Barbie: This Barbie is perfect for the sporty-girl’s birthday. That’s a karate green belt around her neck. This babe is fighting ready.

10. Rock Star Barbie: Some Barbies wear the cake, while others *top* the cake. This babe’s got a tiny case of “lead singer syndrome” for sure.

11. Sari Barbie: So, you know Barbie is a world traveler, right? Just look at her rockin’ the gorgeous gold-flecked Sari.

12. Hajib Barbie: If you’ve been following Hajib Barbie on Instagram, you’ll know how fashionable she is. Pink and purple are two of her fave colors.

13. Goth Barbie: This birthday cake is perfect for the dark princess in your life. You may even get a smile out of her.

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14. Surprise Party Barbie: Some Barbie cakes can be a bit stingy with the slices. After all, you can only bake Barbie’s dress so big. Here’s a smart way to bake Barbie in a cake that offers generous slices.

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15. Barbie Car: Here’s another clever way to bake Barbie in a generous size cake. Can I have a slice of the mini, please?

16. Mermaid Barbie: Here’s another hybrid of two of everyone’s favorite things — Barbies and mermaids. And aren’t the rainbow fish scales clever?!

17. Ballerina Barbie: This cake is perfect for your tiny dancer. Get a look at that ombre skirt — it’s so on trend.

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18. Hula Dancer Barbie: Remember the Charlie’s Angels episode where Kate teaches us how to hula? This Barbie with the Malibu tan is so retro, it’s like jumping in a time machine to look at her.

19. Bridal Barbie: This Barbie cake is just over the top gorgeous. From the *lace* bodice to the fondant train, it’s almost too beautiful to eat.

20. Quinceañera Barbie: Barbie cakes still work for teen birthdays — and every age. Once a Barbie girl, always a Barbie girl.

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