Oh, Lisa Frank: Her rainbows, unicorns, pandas and kittens will always be the epitome of ’90s happiness, and her Instagram is just the dose of empowering, magical imagery that your feed is begging for. While there’s no doubt Instagram’s new abstract rainbow icon looks like it could’ve been designed by Miss Frank herself, it’s her daily posts of glittery optimism and furry cuteness that’ll have you double-tapping your heart out. Head over to Instagram to check out her unicorn-filled kingdom and boost your mood with a sparkly meme — but first, check out a few of our fave quotes below!

1. Because Cake: Spread love around like frosting. And unlimited kudos to anyone who tackles a layer cake covered in Lisa Frank-worthy decor. Pink and blue frosting with rainbow sprinkles? Bring it on.

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Have a wonderful weekend! #LisaFrank #coffee #buzz

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2. Please No: Lisa understands the need for coffee is real. Without it, life would just be… something you can’t even think about before that caffeine jolt.

3. Doggy Chats: Seriously, who hasn’t wished they could chat with their furry BFF? You could ask him what costume he’d prefer for Halloween… or what the cat really thinks of you.

4. Beach Life: When it comes to stress, it’s crucial to take a few minutes and take a breather. Pros suggest a five-minute walk, but if you can find a pod of rainbow dolphins to swim with, definitely do that.

5. Unicorn Hair: Hair that’s all the colors of the rainbow is the latest and greatest hair DO, and it’s all thanks to Lisa Frank. Probably. Let this unicorn guide you on your quest for perfect pastel hair.

6. Putting the Rainbow in Rain: No matter how terrible your day is, it’s no match for this magical winged kitten and its sparkly optimism. Sometimes all you need is a little reminder to look on the bright side of a situation and get back to doing what you love.

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#LisaFrank #aliens #bug #planets #stars #universe

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7. Little Green Joy: You need a break and so does your brain. Set aside five minutes to meditate/scroll through Lisa Frank’s Instagram feed and let your soul be soothed by the psychedelic colors.

8. Monday Blues… Plus the Rest of the Rainbow: The only thing that could make Monday better is Lisa reminding us what’s really important: coffee, good lipstick and a smile, obviously! Clearly you need to re-evaluate your Monday to-do list, STAT.

9. More Like Fun-Sized: If anything is going to make you feel a little better about being short, it’s probably going to be these adorable blue polar bears. They look like they know a thing or two about being *fun-sized.*

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You are Perfect! #LisaFrank #LisaFrankForever

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10. Picture Perfect: And is it a coincidence that you now find yourself in need of a heart-print shirt and tie-dye pants? Probably not.

11. Spread Some Color: Forget the silver lining, Lisa is all about finding the rainbows in the clouds. Next time someone you know is having a down day, channel your inner Lisa Frank and try to cheer them up with a solid dose of color.

12. Are You Kitten Me: You morning people just don’t understand. Lisa’s obsession with color, sparkle and all things cute makes those early morning Instagram sessions way more fun.

13. Boy, Bye: As a Lisa Frank devotee, you’re no stranger to some over-the-top galaxies. Send this sassy meme to anyone who thinks they need a little “space” and see if they come back to their senses.

14. Exercise Daily: 100 percent accurate. Who needs a treadmill when you’ve got chronic late syndrome. Now if you could only get your hands on that rainbow-spreading paintbrush…

15. Be You, Boo: This one’s a tough one: Quit comparing yourself to every single perfectly edited image on social media and give yourself a double tap every once in a while. You’re beautiful just doing you. Take it from this pretty unicorn.

16. Enjoy the Journey: If only a long week meant ending up in this Lisa Frank paradise full of flamingos and purple monkeys. But even if it doesn’t, the struggle can often result in something awesome, so hang in there and keep looking for the rainbows.

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