The future of the kitchen is bright. There are gadgets that let you know when your milk has gone bad. Self-stirring pans will keep us from standing over the stove for hours. Just this week we discovered Blossom One; a coffee machine that promises coffee brewed at the perfect temperature.

But what about the future of the bar? Will the perfect cocktail always be created with a traditional bar tools set at a beautifully designed bar? Enter the Bartendro — a cocktail dispensing robot project on Kickstarter. Program the Bartendro to create and dispense delicious cocktails with absolute perfect precision.

The Bartendro is an open source robot, allowing you to personalize it with all your favorite cocktail recipes.

For hardware hackers who want more info, here’s the scoop: They call the Bartendro a dispenser because its “dispenser boards use the same processor as an Arduino and connect through a RJ-45 connector to a ‘router board’ which carries the Raspberry Pi (RPI) computer”.

Once it’s up and running, each cocktail can be made in only 10 seconds. Now that is a rad party trick. The Bartendro can actually make up to 200 cocktails in one evening.

One of our absolute favorite Bartendro features is the cocktail menu. Your guests can access the menu from their smartphones even before the event. The menu interface is intuitive, and very easy to update and customize.

Obsessed with the Bartendro already? Fund the project on Kickstarter, and you could have a Bartendro sitting in your bar as soon as May of this year. The $500 price tag may not be practical, but it’s fun to dream. Some of you might even be able to go in with a few friends.

What cocktails would you make with the Bartendro? Have you seen other cool innovations in cocktails? Share your thoughts on the comments below.