At Brit HQ we’re always on the hunt for new ways to enjoy one of our favorite habits, coffee. From the disposable french press to a stovetop espresso maker, we’ll try it all. We’re actually still bummed we haven’t been able to try coffee from the tap. Recently we discovered a new amazing way to brew coffee — the Blossom One.

As tech dorks and coffee nerds, there’s so much to love about this rad coffee maker. The Blossom has the most complete temperature control system of any coffee maker on the market. What does that mean exactly? It means that you can program it to brew coffee at the perfect temperature for that particular bag of beans.

How do you know the right temperature for a particular type of coffee beans? Don’t worry, the Blossom knows the perfect temperature for your beans. It comes equipped with a camera that reads QR codes. Just scan the QR code on the bag of beans, and the Blossom can program the perfect temperature.

At $11,000 the Blossom is a little bit too expensive for making coffee at home. That said, you may start to see them in at cafes and restaurants near you later this spring. We recommend asking the barista for a demo of the QR code temperature action.

What are the latest coffee innovations you’ve seen lately? Have you been lucky enough to spot a Blossom One near you?