If there’s one thing everyone is sweet on, it’s candy — and what better way to eat candy than with ice cream? America’s favorite ice cream parlor, Baskin-Robbins, has created the perfect marriage of two sweet staples that you’ll want to try before they disappear at the end of the month.

For the month of April, Baskin-Robbins’ limited edition flavor is Sour Patch Kids Redberry Blast, a delicious, nostalgic concoction of red raspberry and marshmallow ice creams with a ribbon of tasty Sour Patch Kids goodness. You can get it by the scoop in a cup or a cone, or as Baskin-Robbins recommends it: in a sundae with marshmallow topping, even more Sour Patch Kids and a cherry on top. Hope ya like sugar!

Adding to the mix for the month are all-American flavors like Baseball Nut, a scrumptious sounding combo of vanilla ice cream with a cashew and black raspberry swirl, and Strawberry Shortcake, with chunks of cakey goodness folded into it. It doesn’t matter which flavor you choose: April is going to be a really sweet month.

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(Images via @baskinrobbins)