Social media is truly changing the game when it comes to nonprofit organizations and how their campaigns gain attention to ultimately meet their goals. Before the Ice Bucket challenge went insanely viral last summer an entirely different movement swept the world in a matter of hours and got everyone talking on + offline. This one starred a 5-year-old dressed up as a mini version of Batman saving Gotham City (aka San Francisco) from the bad guys. Now Batkid is back with his very own documentary and just from the trailer alone we can tell we’re gonna need an entire box or two of tissues to make it through the tiny superhero’s inspiring story.

Batkid Begins, in select theaters June 26, follows the journey of the San Francisco Make-A-Wish chapter to fulfill then 5-year-old Miles Scott’s wishes of becoming BatKid and saving Gotham City from villain after villain with an adult Batman as his sidekick. The documentary chronicles how the event became an overnight international sensation with interviews from everyone involved — including executives at Apple + Twitter. Not only does the film have up reliving Batkid’s instantly viral day-long city saving adventure but it also dives deep into how + why the event broke the Internet instantaneously. Let’s be honest, how could he not though?

Since we’ve always got our creative lightbulbs on we’re so ready to see how the nonprofit organization took Miles’ wish from an idea to execution and handled the worldwide word of mouth in the process. All while clutching our Kleenex, obvi. Let the tears — and Batkid’s epic journey — begin!

Will you be going to see Batkid Begins when it hits the big screen? Let us know in the comments.

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