Ever wondered what Van Gogh might have designed for breakfast? Or what types of chocolate confections or dessert mashups Monet might have created to satisfy his sweet tooth? And we can only imagine the gorgeous edible flower recipes Georgia O’Keeffe would’ve whipped up. Look no further — we’ve curated the finest collection of DIY mouthwatering masterpieces that taste just as good as they look. Sure, they may not be works of art by the masters, but these edible artists are definitely masters of their craft and will inspire you to get creative in the kitchen too.


1. Tie Dye S’mores: Channel your inner hippie with these psychedelic tie dye s’mores. A homemade marshmallow recipe serves as your blank canvas. Just swirl in different gel food coloring to make your own one-of-a-kind artistic designs. (via Studio DIY)


2. Watercolor Gold Leaf Cake: Move over Monet, this gorgeous work of art is deceptively easy to make, especially if you have this watercolor gold leaf cake kit. Perfect for any special occasion, your friends and your taste buds will thank you. (via Brit + Co)


3. Mondrian Cake: Modern art lovers won’t find a tastier interpretation of Mondrian’s iconic geometry shapes than in this color-block cake. As you can imagine, this exquisite dessert requires quite a bit of time to assemble, but the end result is a masterpiece. (via Mindfood)


4. Starry Night Toast: No one paints swirls quite like Vincent Van Gogh, but you can come close with this Starry Night-inspired toast that’s both fun to make and good for you. Enjoy this edible art for a light meal or a healthy snack. It’ll especially be a hit with any overnight guests you have in town. (via Lisa Lin)

5. Pancake Face: This pancake portrait gives new meaning to the phrase, “having food on your face.” Spread some purple love with this gorgeous homage to Prince.

sushi (1)

6. Sushi Art: These amazingly intricate sushi rolls feature an artfully crafted image in every bite. Be prepared for a ton of trial and error if you’re going to attempt to channel Edvard Munch into bite-sized pieces at home. (via RocketNews24)


7. Fruit Cube: This fresh fruit salad is a cut above the rest. To sculpt this Rubik’s Cube-inspired piece of art, just cut your favorite fleshy fruit into uniform cubes and stack. (via Reise Gabel)


8. Melted Rainbow Cake: It’s no secret that rainbows are pretty much the best thing ever, but this colorful dessert takes the cake (pun intended!). No painting skills are necessary to create this cool melted crayon effect, which is actually just melted frosting. (via The Idea King)


9. Chalkboard Cookies: Transform regular cookies into sweet works of art. To mimic the chalkboard effect, use a fine-tipped paintbrush to apply white gel paste onto black icing. (via eHow)


10. Eggregation: There are a million ways to cook an egg, but we’ve never seen it done quite like this. This sunny-side-out egg, which requires egg-cellent precision to recreate, illustrates the principle of yin and yang. (via Shannon Calvert)

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