Things are already tough enough when you’re fighting off a sugar craving, but when you’re faced with a box of chocolates so beautiful that you feel bad not consuming them, it’s the best/worst problem in the world. We’re guessing this is likely an issue all of Maggie Louise Confections‘ customers have to deal with. After all, the Austin-based chocolatier’s handmade creations look like miniature sculptures.

chocolate art assortment

Maggie’s chocolates are a far cry from the humdrum store-bought sweets she grew up with. “For the first half of my life, I lived in a world of pre-packaged grocery store treats with basic brown wrappers,” she says. “I was happy and my naive sweet tooth was satisfied. Then, my candy universe changed. Between my college studies in Europe, my years of living in New York City and my classical training at Le Cordon Bleu, my earlier notions of candy unraveled. A whole new class of delicate, museum-worthy treats revealed themselves and I was in love.”


And after looking at and lusting after these sweet treats, so are we.


Some of her delectables look just like lipsticks in every imaginable shade ($95 per box).


She comes up with seasonal treats too, from bridal shower favors to Father’s Day confections (including dark chocolate golf balls ($16) that honestly look like they’re made of pewter but clearly taste a billion times better).


Of course, there’s also her Think Pink box ($48) of Buddha Chocolates…

snakeskin smores

… and her Snakeskin S’mores ($14) for those days when we’re feeling fierce, reptilian and in need of a serious sugar rush.

egg on plate

And last but certainly not least, when you have an excuse like this to eat chocolate for breakfast ($16), you eat chocolate for breakfast, full stop, no regrets.

Which of these confections would you scarf down first (and then immediately feel terrible for destroying)? Spill in the comments below!

(Photos via Maggie Louise Confections)