Beautyblender is perhaps the most iconic makeup application tool on the market; the lil pink sponge is an absolute staple in virtually every MUA鈥檚 kit and in amateur kits across the globe. Case in point: Allure reports that 鈥渂eauty blender鈥 was the most searched beauty-related phrase on google in 2017 鈥 and judging by the brand鈥檚 latest announcement, it鈥檒l become even more popular in the new year.

Starting this Thursday, January 4, the iconic sponge brand is teaming up none other than MAC (an equally as iconic beauty brand!) to sell everyone鈥檚 favorite makeup applicators on MAC鈥檚 website and in all MAC stores across the US.

鈥淧ros were the first cheerleaders of beautyblender 鈥 immediately recognizing the product鈥檚 innovation and high-performance results,鈥 says beautyblender鈥檚 founder and CEO, Rea Ann Silva. 鈥淪o, when we had the opportunity to partner with M鈭橝鈭機 Cosmetics and offer its customers our tool with their makeup all in one place it felt like the perfect fit!鈥

The edgy makeup powerhouse will stock the OG pink beautyblender and black beautyblender Pro for $20 each in addition to a bevy of other goodies. Specifically, the beautyblender Beauty Blusher (a handy applicator that delivers just the right amount of rouge), the beautyblender micro mini (a sponge sized perfectly for inner corners, browbone and other tricky crannies), and the all-important blender cleanser (a soap-like cleaner that keeps your sponges bouncy and squeaky clean.)

M.A.C Cosmetics launches its latest Red Haute makeup collection at its newly re-designed Los Angeles store. (Photo by L. Cohen/WireImage)

鈥淥ver the years, many of our MAC Artists in store, as well as our Senior Artists and Directors of Makeup Artistry have enthusiastically shared that they use and absolutely love beautyblender,鈥 explained MAC鈥檚 Senior VP of Global Product Development, Nicholas Gavrelis. 鈥淔rom a business point of view, MAC, being the top ranked NPD Brush brand and beautyblender being the top ranked NPD Sponge/Applicator brand, this inspired us to look at ways of partnering, rather than competing,鈥 he continued, adding that the collab is a 鈥渕atch made in heaven.鈥

We can鈥檛 wait to see beautyblender hitting more shelves in the new year, especially when we can up a tube of Ruby Woo on our way to the checkout.

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(Photo via Beautyblender, L. Cohen/WireImage)