When we think of concrete, our first thoughts are sidewalks, cinder blocks, and Concrete Jungle by Bob Marley. We don’t often think of beautiful objects for the home, until we got our hands dirty just yesterday when creating our own DIY Lace Planters, votives, and bookends. Here are 26 more projects to inspire your own concrete hackery.

1. Concrete iPad Stand: Of course, we have to kick things off with a little tech action. (via Instructables)

2. Concrete Alphabet: Guess how these letters were created? Letter-shaped ice trays! (via Dot Coms for Moms)

3. Concrete Bowl: How sweet is the little succulent in the center of this bowl? (via A Daily Something)

4. Concrete Table: We love everything about this gorgeous interior, especially that lamp! (via Weekday Carnival)

5. Concrete + Cylinder Vase: Combine middle school chemistry with concrete? Genius. (via A Daily Something)

6. Desk Lamp: Digging the minimalist aesthetic of this piece. (via Pastill)

7. Concrete Desk Set: Not a DIY but we couldn’t resist including it. I mean, technically, you can DIY everything, right? (via Magnus Pettersen)

8. DIY Bedside Lamp: This beautiful piece is definitely on the more involved side, but well worth the effort. (via Nimi Design)

9. Concrete Clock: What time is it? It’s time to pour some concrete! (via Instructables)

10. Ombre Tea Light Holders: Add a little darker concrete or powder pigment to create different shades of concrete. (via Naver)

11. Metallic Concrete Votives: We appreciate the ingenuity of using old bottles to create concrete objects, especially when combined with metallic spray paint. (via Monsters Circus)

12. Cinder Block Stacked Garden: So cool! Cinder blocks would also make awesome shelving. (via Apartment Therapy)

13. Cement Coasters: Again with the metal and concrete – such an aesthetic win. (via A Daily Something)

14. Geometric Lampshade: With a concrete base, this brass chandelier is definitely on the more work-of-art end of the spectrum. (via Weekday Carnival)

15. Concrete Coat Rack: A bucket filled with concrete, a few wooden dowels, and about an hour are all you need to recreate this cool coat rack. (via Decoist)

16. Cinder Block Furniture: In need of some outdoor furniture? Create a whole outdoor suite complete with a couch, coffee table, side tables, and bookshelf. (via B Organic)

17. Concrete Bath Set: Another one you can file under Not-A-DIY-But… we had to include this inventive bath set. (via Rough Fusion on Etsy)

18. Concrete Hearts: Another win for awesomely-shaped ice cube trays! (via Blog A La Cart)

19. Candle Holder: This would make a great centerpiece for a dining table, and could easily be created en masse for a wedding. (via Signe Pling)

20. Cinder Block Birdhouse: Rockin’ robin (Tweet, tweedle-lee-dee)! (via Lowe’s)

21. Hanging Lamps: We still can’t get over how surprisingly simple it is to create these modern pendant lamps. (via Brit + Co.)

22. Cement Easter Eggs: You can go ahead and bookmark this for next Easter. (via Camille Styles)

23. Concrete Letter Bookends: These were created using the same letters we used to make our vintage style marquee! (via Eilen Tein)

24. Lace Bookend Planters: These might be our new favorite shelf candy. (via Brit + Co.)

25. Faceted Paperweights: Love the combination of geometric geode-like forms with metallic hues. (via Monsters Circus)

26. Succulent Planters: And finally, for all your adorable succulents, equally adorable planters! (via Apartment Therapy)

Have you ever made anything using concrete? Tell us about it in the comments below.