The often neglected bedside space has a ton of personality potential. And we’re not talking about your grandma’s doily-covered nightstand. (Although we do love a good doily when we see one.) We want some bedroom innovation that goes beyond stands and tables, so we’re shaking up the bedside game with alternative objects that appeal to our love of all things out of the ordinary.

1. Shelf to the Rescue: Okay, so this isn’t exactly beside your bed as much as it is behind your bed, but the purpose is the same. This simple shelf sits so perfectly atop a short headboard. We hate to be dramatic, but we’d like to call it a form meets function masterpiece. (via Solebich)

2. Short and Sweet: A dainty chair with an adorable vase of fresh flowers is the best way to wake up if you ask us. (via Design to Inspire)

3. Chair + Bed: If the dainty chair is a little too cutesy for your taste, you can opt for a more functional solution with this chair/bed combo. Say, what? Yeah, mind-blowing, we know. (via Mieke Meijer)

4. Side of Cinderblock: The blunt modern edges and industrial textures make this one rock-solid statement table. It’s not great for people who roll out of bed in the middle of the night though. Ouch! (via Remodelista)

5. Bar Cart Beauty: Repurpose a living room luxury into a bedroom beauty. Mimosas in bed isn’t the worst way you could put this looker to use. (via Mimosas in the Morning)

6. Hang it Up: This is a drawer turned into a hanging side table/lamp. You got all that? The best part about it is you only need a wee bit of space and elbow grease to make one of these for yourself. (via Design Sponge)

7. Headboard Heaven: Have we said how much we love double-duty furniture? Well let us say it officially: We love double-duty furniture! When your headboard is your side table all is right in the world… and in your bedroom. (via Tribeca Citizen)

8. Rack ’em Up: If you’re tight on space, this bedside chair/rack/table is the perfect fix for your bedside blues. (via Covo Shop)

9. Dream Worthy House: Bedtime stories for all ages are right at home in this bedside cottage. (via Home and Decor)

10. Drawer Delusions: Let’s say you like the idea of a side table, but the bulk has you questioning your dedication to another piece of furniture. Wall decal + hanging drawer = solving everyday problems. (via Droog)

11. Sheets and Ladders: Hang a book. Hang a lamp. Hang some flowers. The possibilities are endless with this multi-rail space-saver. (via Decor 8)

12. Au Naturel: Bring the outdoors into the boudoir with a stump for a side table. (via House and Home)

13. Consider Playtime: Little known fact: Everyone needs an indoor swing. And while you might not want to put a full glass of water on it, we love the adult take on this playground pastime. (via Interior Break)

14. Get Packing: Flea market trip! Buy those vintage suitcases and trunks you’ve been eyeing, stack ’em up and say bon voyage to your side table woes. (via Birch and Bird)

15. A Wall-Ward Solution: This quirky little number is ideal for tight spaces, with just enough room for what you really need. (via Pelfind)

16. Double It Up: Two beds does not equal two side tables. With a shared shelf, you can knock ’em both out with room to spare. (via Poppytalk)

17. How About a Sconce: This is the sconce to end all sconces. Part task lamp and part ledge, this is an industrial look perfect for a modern aesthetic. (via The Modern Shop)

18. Go Green: We’ve seen plants on tables, but what about in a table? There’s nothing like the fresh feeling of waking up to leafy greenery. (via Babble)

19. Stack ‘Em Up: We all love magazines, but who’s got the space? Let’s put those pages to good use! (via Babble)

20. Dog’s Best Friend: Your pup will feel right at home in his own cozy bedside bed. Sure beats him hogging your bed. (via Etsy)

21. By the Light of the Side Table: This clever design is an ideal bedroom beacon, guiding your way to dreamland. (via Yanko Design)

22. Minimal to the Max: If your taste veers on the side of just-the-facts-ma’am, this bed companion might be all you need. (via Swiss Miss)

What are you rocking bedside? Lay it out in the comments below!