Getting your space organized can be a huge pain. Thankfully decorating it is much more fun. So we have a little inspiration for you this afternoon—organization ideas that feel like decorating. Open shelving is an easy, and usually inexpensive, way to update your space. Not only can you come up with DIY versions pretty easily, you can also mix and match different solutions to fit your space to a T. Take a look at our favorite 25 ideas and see which ones you want to incorporate into your home. Be sure to leave the number of your favorite idea in the comments!

1. Show off Your Collections: Floating shelves are perfect for showing off curated collections. Plus, they blend into the wall and put the focus on your possessions. (via The Design Files)

2. Stairway 96″ Wall Mounted Bookcase ($399): The beauty of these glossy white bookcases is that they are so versatile. They work well in a group or on their own, and are neutral enough to fit into any decor style.

3. Display Books and Magazines: Copy the idea of this design and architecture firm by painting photo rails to match your walls. You can display all of your coffee table books, magazines, and even the occasional piece of artwork. The best part is everything stays accessible and moveable. (via Pal + Smith)

4. DIY Pipe Shelving: Can you believe this shelving unit/desk combo is a DIY? Surprisingly, affordable, and easy-to-assemble, the only thing to consider is whether or not you’re willing to put that many holes in your wall. (via Amber Interior Design)

5. Add a Storage Doorway: If you have a wide doorway between two rooms in your home, consider adding some shelving. You’ll still be able to pass through, but will have so many more places to display books, serving pieces, or artwork. (via Custom Made on Houzz)

6. Fake Built-Ins: If you have recessed areas on either side of a fireplace or window, you can easily fake built-in shelves with custom cut floating shelves. They look way more expensive than they actually are. This space gets bonus points for being completely color-coordinated. (via Natalie Fuglestveit Interiors on Houzz)

7. A Complete Office on One Wall: If you don’t have a dedicated office, but need to carve out some space to work, transform a wall of your living room into your workspace. You’ll be surprised how much you can fit, if you go vertically. (via Ikea)

8. Float Your Books: Dedicate one wall to your library. Floating shelves can keep all your books in one place without taking up too much floorspace. (via Tess Bethune Interirors)

9. Go Short and Long: Mix different lengths of shelves, and add artwork behind a couch for a functional storage and display space. (via BHG)

10. Create a Gallery Wall: Use skinny shelving to display collections and found objects that are more about beauty and less about function. (via Design Sponge)

11. Subway Tiled Pantry: If you choose to use exposed shelving in your kitchen or pantry, make sure to decant your baking supplies, grains, and snacks into simple containers. You don’t want your home to look like a grocery store filled with brightly colored cereal boxes and the like. (via Light Locations)

12. Pastel Paint Rack: Keep chargers, platters, and trays on display with a painted plate rack. (via KML Designs)

13. DIY Paint Rack from a Crib: And if you’re looking for a safe way to reuse an old crib that your child has outgrown, check out this DIY hack for turning those side slats into a plate rack. (via Remodelaholic)

14. Display Daily Dishes: If you’re going to keep dishes out in the open, it’s best to display the ones you use frequently. That way they’ll never sit on the shelf long enough to get dusty or dirty. (via Houzz)

15. Room Divider: Instead of closed cabinets over a counter that divides your kitchen and dining room, opt for open shelving to open up your space and let the light through like the design of this Chicago townhouse. (via Roger Hirsch Architects)

16. Create a Faux Hutch: By installing open shelving over a built in cabinet (or even a long and low dresser) you can create the illusion of a built in hutch in your kitchen or dining room. (via Andre Rothblatt Architecture)

17. Corner Cookbook Nook: Don’t let a corner of your kitchen space go to waste. Install a few short shelves to house cookbooks and even small appliances. Just be sure they’re anchored into studs if you’ll be putting anything heavy on them. (via James Hall Photography on Houzz)

18. Floor-to-Ceiling Room Divider: If you have a large open space that you need to divide up, use open shelving to create “walls” that can be used for storage and to keep light coming through. (via GutGut on Houzz)

19. Mix Open & Closed Shelving: You don’t have to have all your shelving be exposed. Add doors to keep foodstuffs hidden while displaying pots, pans, and baking staples. (via Schwartz and Architecture)

20. Take Advantage of Unused Space: Carve out even more storage space for drinking glasses, spices, or vases by adding small shelves to the ends of your cabinets. (via Houzz)

21. Create a Shower Niche: If you have a cut out cubby in your tiled shower, add a few glass shelves to double or triple your storage space, and keep shampoo, conditioner, and more at hand. (via Houzz)

22. Show off Perfumes and Potions: Similar to the plate rack in the kitchen using a stylish or stylishly painted spice rack in the bathroom can be the perfect way to display your well-packaged beauty products. (via Living Etc)

23. Open Up Under The Sink: Don’t close off all of your under sink storage. By keeping a few spaces open, you’ll force yourself to stay organized.(via Kitchens of Los Gatos on Houzz)

24. Create Display Rails: Over a claw foot tub, small shelves with decorative brackets are a beautiful place to store bath salts, candles, and even artwork. Just make sure the art won’t be damaged by the damp environment. (via Lonny)

25. Short Shelves: Most of the bathroom essentials you want to have out won’t take up a lot of space, so you can easily store them on mini shelves nestled into a recess in the wall. (via Wanda Ely Architect Inc on Houzz)

Where do you have open shelving in your home? Have you considered adding it, or do you like to keep things hidden behind closed doors? Tell us in the comments!