At long last, you’ve found your dream apartment, but there’s a (tiny) twist: It’s a bit on the small side. We’ve already established that tiny homes can be totally glam, so there’s no need to worry — less is more in the small space movement. When your tiny apartment is less than 500 or — gasp! — 300 square feet, just follow our small space living series, where we take on the design challenges of a tiny apartment from room to room. This week we’re kicking off the series with our favorite lounging area: the living room. Read on for our space-saving tips below and be sure to check back next week for part two of our series!

west elm

1. Get Low: Stick to low furniture. Short coffee tables like the one above create the look and feel of higher ceilings. (via Front + Main)

leggy furniture

2. Legs for Days: Instead of bulky couches, chairs, and tables, opt for leggy mid-century furniture. The thin legs take up less visual space, so you’ll have plenty of room for more decorative pieces. (via SF Girl by Bay)

west elm storage coffee table

3. Secret Storage: Get furniture with hidden storage, like ottomans, benches or this West Elm Industrial Storage Coffee Table ($599).

floating shelves

4. Invisible Shelves: Decorate, organize and de-clutter the room with floating invisible shelves. Bonus if you decorate an odd corner of the room! (via A Beautiful Mess)

5. Shelf Life: New York and San Francisco renters, in particular, have lots of unused wall space. Take advantage of the walls of your apartment and add a mounted bookshelf to small wall areas. (via The Learner Observer)

6. Hidden Storage: A couch with storage gives you more ways to hide away blankets and pillows when not in use. (via Front + Main)

7. Feeling Cozy: Soft textured pillows, pastel rugs, and a mirrored coffee table will make any person want to hang out and cozy up in your living room, no matter how big or small it is. (via Best Friends For Frosting)

8. Bud Up: Decorate with potted plants of all shapes and size to bring life to your living room. (via Fall For DIY)


9. Go Higher: If your apartment doesn’t come with any pre-existing shelves or you want to avoid clutter, an alternative is to add shelving above doorways — a part of your walls that’s often ignored, but makes a great spot for storage that’s not in your face. (via House Beautiful)

10. Love It or Lucite: Use clear lucite, acrylic or plexiglass coffee and side tables to create the illusion of more space. Plus, they’re light and easy to move around. (via OMG Lifestyle Blog)

11. Get as Bright as Can Be: If your living room doesn’t have enough natural light or you want to create a livelier visual space, choose bright and printed rugs that pop and add pattern to your living room. (via Style Me Pretty)

12. Go Bold: While there may be design constraints, there aren’t any strict rules when it comes to the color choices of your small space. If your living room has white walls, opt for a bright colored sofa to contrast and liven up the space. (via My Domaine)

13. On the Windowsill: Use our windowsill as a side table for putting small decor items. (via Decor8Blog)

14. Under the Table: If you have an unsightly radiator (AKA, you live in an NYC apartment), get a table or shelf that fits over it so you can use the space for plants or books. (via Apartment Therapy)

15. Good as New: Vintage school desks are easy to find and could be used as a small office or hobby desk for your living room. (via Apartment Therapy)

16. Tuck It In: Tuck stools underneath the console table or coffee table to save extra space. (via My Domaine)

17. Mirror, Mirror: Use framed mirrors as wall art. They create visual interest while creating the illusion of more space. (via Milk Decoration)

18. About Facing Outward: With a small apartment, you don’t want you or your guests to face a wall since it could feel a little claustrophobic. Face the couch toward the window or entryway so you’re always facing out. (via Fashion Squad)

19. Mini Office: No office? No problem. Use a wall-mounted desk to add a small workspace to your living room. (via Chic Sprinkles)

20. Curtain Call: Place curtain rods just below the ceiling. By doing so, you’ll make the room look taller. (via Suzy Hoodless)

21. Double Duty Trunk: A storage trunk doubles as a coffee table, plus it adds style with an old-world look. (via Advice from a Twenty Something)

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