It was only a matter of time before your beloved poptails had to take a backseat to something fresh and exciting. Beersicles (that鈥檚 beer ice pops) are the newest kind of spiked popsicle to grace your Pinterest feed and聽are about to become an聽essential to your Memorial Day聽party.聽Are you a shandy kind of girl? Try grapefruit and IPA combination. Corona and lime your jam? Go for it! The boozy possibilities are endless. Take some inspirations from the recipes below and then let your imagination run wild.

1.聽Lemon-Grapefruit Shandy Popsicles: Get ready to pucker up with these tart聽and hoppy pops. Use both lemon and grapefruit with a light ale to give a more refined essence. (via聽POPSUGAR Food)

2.聽Coffee and Cream Stout Beersicles:聽If a richer and more nuanced flavor profile is what you鈥檙e looking for, then these creamy coffee and stout pops聽will be right up your alley. Try mixing a couple different combinations of the ingredients to give them an effortless layered look. (via The Gastronom)

3.聽Berry-Beer Popsicles:聽Use your favorite fruity beer or even a hard lemonade to get the desired boozy effect. (via The Floating Kitchen)

4.聽Cherry Wheat Beer Popsicles:聽For these beer-infused pops, try a cherry wheat beer like Sam Adam鈥檚 to mirror聽the taste of whole cherries and sweet honey. (via聽Sweet Remedy)

5.聽Cherry Lambic and Cream Popsicle:聽Cherry lambic is a beer that鈥檚 fermented with sour cherries and has a piquant pucker that rivals them all. Balance that intensity with heavy cream and fresh cherries for聽an afternoon snack that you鈥檒l crave on the regular. (via A Cozy Kitchen)

6.聽Chocolate Stout Cheesecake Fudgesicle:聽These certainly aren鈥檛 the Fudgesicles of your childhood. The luxurious cheesecake聽pops above are spiked with stout聽and filled with dark chocolate, cream cheese, and a generous graham cracker sprinkle. (via聽The Beeroness)

7.聽Corona Beer Popsicles:聽There鈥檚 no messing around with unnecessary ingredients in this recipe. Simply pop open a Corona and pour it into your popsicle mold to create a quick and refreshing poolside treat. (via聽Bakers Royale)

8. Cucumber Ginger Gin Popsicles: Invigorate your senses with these zesty ginger beersicles. The cooling combo of pureed cucumber and lime goes perfectly with herbaceous聽gin and spicy ginger beer.聽(via Shutterbean)

9.聽Dark and Stormy Popsicles: If a dark and stormy is your go-to beertail, you鈥檙e probably already saving this one to your Pinterest聽board to make ASAP. Good call!聽(via Brooklyn Supper)

10.聽Grapefruit Shandy Beersicles:聽Just when you think you have nothing in the house to make popsicles, you find that last bottle of craft beer and grapefruit juice. (via聽Rhubarbarians)

11.聽Petit Saison and Raspberry Beersicles:聽Your Memorial Day weekend just won鈥檛 be the same without a cooler full of adult beverage popsicles. All you need to recreate these bad boys are honey, fresh raspberries, and a Saison. (via Drink Up Columbus)

12.聽Sunrise Over Moscow Mule and Popsicle:聽Why just have a Moscow mule when you could have a matching popsicle to go alongside it? Whether you enjoy the two together or on their own, you鈥檙e in for a surprise that鈥檒l put a little hair on your chest.(via聽The GastroNom)

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