When DIY isn鈥檛 an option, it鈥檚 best to go bespoke. And now that you鈥檝e already customized your closet (hello, glitter and zebra sandals) you鈥檝e got plenty of time to rethink your interior motives. First order of business: replacing that boring second-hand sofa with something sleek, cozy and colorful. Introducing BenchMade Modern, a spanking new company designed to simplify furniture shopping with its super speedy, one-stop shop.

Here鈥檚 how it works: select your dream sofa from BenchMade鈥檚 eight collections, ranging from modern minimal (Series #7) to ultra lounge-y (couch potato). Next, customize the size to fit your space and choose from 45 color choices. It鈥檚 a bit of an upgrade from your dorm room futon, with prices starting at $1800 for a standard size sofa. Once you place an order, you鈥檒l get a tracking number associated with that sofa. This will allow you to peep every step of the manufacturing process (framing, sewing, upholstery, packing). Once your sofa heads out on a truck for delivery, you get to follow it, Uber-style, along a map as it arrives to your front door.

Need some inspiration to get started? We chatted with CEO Edgar Blazona for some sofa suggestions to fit every decorating style:

Kaden with Chaise in Blush

1. Elegant and Understated:Kaden Sofa with Chaise

鈥淭his piece has an artful feminine flair to it. I really love the elegant swoop of the arm. It has clean lines, and you can add some colorful pillows of various sizes to make the room pop 鈥 florals or geometric patterns would look pretty. Match your pillows to your rug to really tie it all together. Pair this sofa with a walnut coffee table and side table to match the legs.鈥

Riley in Sunny 2

2. Pretty and Preppy:Riley Sofa

鈥淚 love this one for someone who loves color and texture. Its back tufting makes it preppy, but Riley鈥檚 dainty legs keep it soft and pretty. Add pastel pillows with watercolor pattens and maybe a Persian-inspired rug. Instead of a chair, pair this sofa with an overstuffed or tufted pouf in a knit fabric. Decorate the coffee and side table with books about art and photography.鈥

Tyler Sofa with Bumper in Azure

3. Boho and Laid Back:Tyler Sofa With Bumper
鈥淭his is inspired by Danish mid-century design. This sofa looks great styled with mid-century antique pieces or flea market finds. Mix and match textures and finishes 鈥 no need to be matchy matchy with this one. You could even go with brass or iron glass-topped tables. Add pillows of different shapes and textures (even faux fur) and a shag rug. Add some cool eclectic lighting fixtures or some fun whimsical wallpaper.鈥

Series #7 in Room - Marlow Charcoal

4. Minimalist and Modern:Series #7 Sofa

鈥淭his piece has a futuristic and ultra-modern vibe to it. When I designed this sofa, I wanted to create something that was sleek and modern, but didn鈥檛 want to sacrifice comfort. The stuffed back pillows make it comfy, and at the same time complement the clean minimal lines of the sofa. To style the room, add a bright true white shag rug or a felt rug, along with a low-profile steel and Carrera marble-topped coffee table. For wall art, I鈥檇 go with some cool abstract photography.鈥

Crowd Pleaser - Marlow Red

5. Urban and Refined:Crowd Pleaser Sofa

鈥淚 love this one for any space, from a studio apartment to a larger loft or warehouse-size space (custom-sized up to 10 feet long). This one can take on multiple personalities too with its free-floating back pillows: Pile them up on one side for a movie night at home, or straighten up the pillows along the back, invite over your friends, and throw a party. Pair the Crowd Pleaser with a low-pile patterned rug (a black and white rug really makes the red sofa pop). Add more pillows of your own if you want; switch them out on a seasonal basis for a totally different look each time.鈥

Which look is your favorite? Tell us in the comment section below!