Packing a well-balanced lunch — whether it’s for you or for your mini me — is crucial for setting healthy habits. And while trying to come up with something different to bring every day can be challenging, a Bento-style lunch box takes all the thought out of it. Fill the largest compartments with your protein and carbs and use the smaller ones for fruit, vegetables and snacks. This not only makes your lunch more attractive and fun to eat, but it also means you’ll get a balanced meal every time. Here are 12 bento-style lunch ideas to make your eyes happy and stomachs growl.


1. Sprout + Turkey Sandwich: Fill your lunch box with all the colors of the rainbow and fill your body with food that won’t leave you feeling famished an hour later. (via Back to Her Roots)


2. Pretzel Roll-Ups: Pre-peel your orange so you don’t have to worry about sticky juice running down your arm. That way, you’ll be more likely to actually eat it rather than picking something easier (like that bag of chips hiding in your desk drawer). (via Redbook)


3. Mini French Picnic: Feast on soft brie, tomatoes on the vine and those cute snack-size pickles for a delicious (and filling) French-inspired meal. Pretty, picnic blanket-esque napkins are not required, but highly encouraged. Bon appétit! (via Bento Zen)


4. Bagel Lunch: Yes, you CAN have a bagel for lunch. (via Wendlonia)


5. Japanese Chicken Meatballs: Not all packed lunches mean a boring sandwich. Try these teriyaki meatballs for a little Asian flair mid-week. (One Equals Two)


6. Peanut Butter Banana Wrap: This is a lunch you’ll love at any age. (via Inhabitots)


7. Quesadilla: Love avocado but hate when is goes brown before you’re able to gobble it up? Dip it in lemon juice and wrap it in plastic wrap to keep it fresh all day long. (via Back to Her Roots)


8. Sandwich Stackers: This is basically a healthier version of a Lunchable, and one you won’t feel guilty packing for yourself or your little one(s). (via Wendolonia)


9. Taco Cups: Taco Tuesday is a thing, even during lunch hour. (via This Lunch Rox)


10. Copycat Starbucks Protein Box: Pack on the protein and power through your day with this easy-to-put-together meal. (via I Heart Lunch)


11. Fruit Grazers Lunch: Nibble all day or devour it all at once. Either way, this easy-to-eat lunch is not only good for you, but a great option for those who like to multi-task and work through lunch. (via Inhabitots)


12. Apple Butter Sandwich: This lunch only takes minutes to put together, but can save you from a whole day of unhealthy choices. (via Wendolonia)

What did you have for lunch today? Will you be packing any of these for tomorrow? Spill it in the comments!